Michele Says She’d Gladly Carry Jonathan Groff’s Surrogate Baby

Jonathan Groff may not be sure if he wants kids or not — but one thing that’s for certain, he has a best friend that’s more than willing to be the oven for his bun. His Spring Awakening co-star, Lea Michele, ensured Groff that she would be more than willing to be his surrogate if he ever decides that he wants children.

The former co-stars first met over 15 years ago, when they were cast in the Off-Broadway production of Spring Awakening in 2006 (prior to it’s Broadway adaptation). Michele was just 19 and Groff was 21, when the two starred in the hit rock musical — and they’ve become best friends ever since.


Over the last 16 years, life happened — and Michele got married and became a mom. But she’s not the only Spring Awakening alumni who has become a mother. Lauren Pritchard and Lilli Cooper also joined the club. Lea said she was “so grateful” to share this experience with her co-stars:



“What a blessing, to see our sons playing together!…

I’m just so grateful, I’ve experienced so many versions of life with these girls.”

-Lea Michele

The cast of Spring Awakening recently reunited for a one-night-only event — which was filmed for HBO, and when asked if being around all of these kids and new parents gave him baby fever, Groff responded “Great question!”.

Groff played coy and didn’t give a direct answer but his best friend Lea chimed in to reassure him that he wouldn’t have any trouble finding a surrogate.


Lea: “I’ll carry your baby. I will.”

Groff: “You will?”

Lea: “Hell yeah! I love being pregnant. It’s so much fun.”

Groff: “Good to know.”

Groff admitted that he wasn’t the best with children, admitting that his personality tends to scare small children — his two nieces included.

Regardless, Michele wanted to let Groff know that she’s there for him. She believes that they were just meant to be in each other’s lives.

“It just so happened that we met to do this show, but I feel like we would’ve met some way or another in life because we were meant to be in each other’s lives. I felt so safe with him every night [in Spring Awakening]…

The character of Wendla was such an honor to play, and as an actor, this is such great material, but it’s still hard to have to go there every night, and I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Jonathan.”


Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known debuts on May 3 at 9pm on HBO and HBO Max.



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