Michelle Visage: ‘Perez Hilton is an embarrassment to the gay community’

What caused Michelle Visage to label Perez Hilton like that?  Well one of the Celebrity Big Brother viewers sheds some light on what happened as they posted to the DailyMail


Have you ever started something you really wish you hadn't? I thought it was hilarious. Poor old Perez expected everyone to run out and watch him. Instead, everyone ignored him and he ended up looking even more ridiculous than he normally does. The more he gyrated, the dafter he made himself look, especially when Michelle told Callum to just ignore him. I like Michelle, so it was a disappointment when she went OTT afterwards. – The DailyMail

“Perez sets our community back fifty years. He’s an embarrassment,” said Visage. “I am outraged for an entire community who have been fighting for equality for so long.”  Was Michelle overreacting?  Was what Perez did the huge embarrassment she builds it up to be?

Another Celebrity in the house seems to feel the same way about Perez.


Chloe Goodman was one of the first to notice and commented that he was a 'd**khead'.

The frustrated Ex On The Beach star had said earlier in the programme that she wanted to 'kill him'.

While in the Diary Room, she told Big Brother: 'I want to make sure Perez doesn’t win. I want to make his life hell in the House.

'I will make him disappear into the background of Celebrity Big Brother… as long as Perez doesn’t have an audience, that’s what will kill him…I plan on taking everything away from this man, because he deserves nothing.' –

If you would like to watch Michelle as she tells it like it is, go to The DailyMail.
Do you agree with Michelle?  Is Perez an embarrassment to the gay community?  Even before this?  What other stars do you wish were on the other team?

Here is a video clip from the DailyMail that shows some of Perez's behavior.



21 thoughts on “Michelle Visage: ‘Perez Hilton is an embarrassment to the gay community’”

  1. He is an embarrassment, trash

    He is an embarrassment, trash talking loser with no life, all he does is stick his filthy nose where it doesn't belong and judge everyone. I hope someone beats his ass again and maybe he will learn a lesson, take down that trash website and disappear forever!

  2. I agree. He’s scum. I’ll
    I agree. He’s scum. I’ll never forget the type of comments and articles he wrote about Britney Spears during her melt down back in 07. Her or any other troubled celebrity. He’s got hate in his heart and he thrives off the suffering of others. Not cool man.

  3. Perez body should be covered

    Perez body should be covered up! he may have lost the weight but his torso is sagging like an old man

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  5. I love Michelle Visage! She’s

    I love Michelle Visage! She's a huge advocate for our community. I never really had an opinion about Perez before, but now that I have seen him in action…. I'm disgusted.

  6. What a pity this man has

    What a pity this man has attracted such venomous hatred by people that in all likelihood have never met him and probably never will. Last I recall we live in America and a few short years ago being openly gay was barely tolerated much less accepted. Be more accepting a lot less "Mean Girls" after all high school is over.

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  8. Perez lost a bunch of weight

    Perez lost a bunch of weight and now thinks hes hot, like every other person to ever lose weight. He is still ugly as HOMEMADE SIN!! His torso is saggy and flabby with that disgusting hair.


  9. Anybody who is an ally to the

    Anybody who is an ally to the LGBT is apart of our community! Who are you to deny somebody that privilege when Michelle has supported us for so many years. #nottodaysatan 

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  11. My feelings about Hilton

    My feelings about Hilton aside, what is Visage doing calling the gay community "Our" community?  She is a straight woman, married to a man, who makes her living telling drag queens that they aren't doing their job right.  Sorry Michelle, you're just a guest.

    As for Hilton, the need for attention he has should be embarrassing to anybody his age, and who has a child.  Then again, he probably just adopted the child as an accessory.

    • That’s nonsense. First off,
      That’s nonsense. First off, who’s to say she doesn’t like women? She can be married to a man and still have a queer history. And regardless of her sexual past, Michelle Visage is an ally at the least. That makes her a part of our community. Sorry queen but the choice is not yours.

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  13. Totally agree with Michelle

    Totally agree with Michelle Visage!  Perez Hilton is a blight on the gay community.  He is the worst. Don't even understand why he is even considered a celebrity.  Granted I could also say that about most of these *reality* shows and what they consider a celebrity, in order to have a full roster of contestants. 

  14. He was a poor representation
    He was a poor representation of the LGBT community before he got “famous” and nothing has changed that. If I was straight and didn’t know much about the LGBT community and came across him on TV I would be afraid of gays. Even as a gay male, seeing him on tv, print or whatever, I still feel like I need some type of vaccination from what ever got a hold of him.

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  16. I loathe that thing. He looks
    I loathe that thing. He looks like a shitty diaper someone threw out the window that got hit by several other cars. And that FREAKSHOW under his shirt…. Jesus.

  17. Perez Hilton isn’t a

    Perez Hilton isn't a celebrity to me at all, BIG embarrassment to the gay community, Michelle Visage take him down….

  18. Perez Hilton is just a big
    Perez Hilton is just a big child wanting attention. Michelle Vissage is right grow-up, jackwadd!

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  20. Perez Hilton is a celebrity

    Perez Hilton is a celebrity worthy of BB??? And I thought our American Telly (ha ha) was trashy enough… 


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