MiFo And Iris Prize Bring LGBT Moviegoers To The Theatres This Weekend.

I have had the pleasure of attending the MiFo LGBT Film Festival here in Fort Lauderdale this past weekend and will be happy to go back for more this coming weekend. We viewed some great full length films on Saturday and short films on Sunday and cannot wait to view King Cobra on Thursday.  I will definitely give you my review on Friday!  If you are in the Miami / Fort Lauderdale area, check out the info at the MiFo LGBT Film Festival homepage.

What else is left this week and what is King Cobra? Click on images for larger views.

It's going to be a great weekend for film here in Fort Lauderdale.  For trailers of the upcoming movies , head over to mifofilm.com/films/program

What I cannot do is transport myself across the pond to the Iris Prize, the world's largest LGBTI short film festival being held October 12th to the 16th in Cardiff, Wales. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the event.


As previously reported, a total of 35 short films will be competing for this year’s £30,000 prize ($39,560/€34,860). On top of this, 15 UK films will be competing for a separate Best of British prize of £20,000 ($26,500/€23,630).

The prizes are awarded specifically to help filmmakers realize their next screen project.

The shortlisted movies for the main Iris Prize were selected from over 300 submissions, while the Best of British prize (sponsored by Pinewood Studios), come from over 100 entries.

Highlights in the latter category include the wittily-titled Sauna The Dead, a 20-minute gay zombie bathhouse movie, and the downbeat and gritty G O’Clock, which offers an inside look at the chemsex party scene. – gaystarnews.com


To view info on the films, head over to http://www.irisprize.org/the-festival/2016-programme/ and you'll see some films like the following:



We applaud all you artists that take the time to tell our stories.  Thank you for your efforts and your work. Now find some popcorn and enjoy!

h/t: irisprize.orgMiFo LGBT Film Festivalgaystarnews.com

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