Mike 1/2 Nelson Delivers A Gritty & Raw Message With “Crazy World”

With a sound that gloriously straddles new wave & glam rock influences and a style that will immediately remind listeners of spots like CBGB’s, Rock n’ Roll Fag Bar & The Cock, emerging new artist Mike 1/2 Nelson dropped a new video (directed by Max Richardson of HBO’s Euphoria) for the single “Crazy World” (from his EP All Are Welcome). The imagery and the message are beyond spot on for the feelings of hopelessness and frustration that so many of us are feeling in the world today.


Executive produced by Bill Coleman, the video imagery is brooding and ominous, matching perfectly with Nelson’s yearning and gritty vocals. The track gives the listeners the permission that we all need right now; to completely fall apart and to hit rock bottom. “There have been moments in my life when I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to surrender to a higher truth,” Nelson said. “I mean, look at how things are today. Why shouldn’t we feel despair and rage? The f*cking Nazis and KKK are back. They’re being called ‘very good people.’ The unacceptable has become acceptable. We should feel anguish.” 

Like so many of us have had to do in the past few months, Nelson dove into his creative side when the world around him seemed to be falling apart. The track was actually written when Nelson was involved in a relationship that simply was not working any longer. Coupled with an ex in the midst of an opioid addiction & the Sandy Hook school shooting being a prevalent news story, Nelson says he “had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to scream my grief out the window”. Musically, Nelson remains consistently on message as well. The other two track on All Are Welcome are “Should’ve Known,” a minor chord pop song about a bad relationship and “Strong Heart,” an anthem about resilience, courage, and hope. Nelson’s music is consistently heartbreakingly honest and reflects themes that every single one of us deal with, although we disclose them to varying degrees. 


 “One thing that gives me hope for the world is witnessing the courage and devotion of the frontline heroes and hospital workers today,” Mike ½ Nelson adds. “To get up every day and fight to help others when you’re putting your own life on the line. That’s a strong heart, baby.” 

Crazy World is available now on Apple, iTunes and all major music retailers. Mike 1/2 Nelson’s EP “All Are Welcome” will be available for purchase & streaming on June 12th. Follow him here

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