Milahroy: On-The-Ropes & Feeling Love ‘Hazel Eyes’

Out singer/songwriter Milahroy recently released his latest single, “Hazel Eyes,” a blues-tinged ballad with a music video serving up big, sexy mood.
Milahroy in ‘Hazel Eyes’ (screen capture)

Out singer/songwriter Milahroy recently released his latest single, “Hazel Eyes,” a blues-tinged ballad with a music video serving up big, sexy mood. The song takes a dive into those relationships where you’re so infatuated with someone you really can’t stop, even when you should know it might be a bad situation.

You’re nothing but bad news
It’s written all over you
There’s nothing I can do
You’ve got me running loops around you


The music video’s languid vibe, the lighting, the ropes, and hands exploring Milahroy’s furry goodness…it all works together for a wholly cohesive, sensory musical experience. Throw in some groovy guitar and a driving drum solo, pretty soon we’re left in a shimmering post-heatwave euphoria.

In an Instagram Live chat, Milahroy shared with Instinct that “Hazel Eyes” was actually recorded four years ago at the Berklee School of Music where he’d become friends with a studio manager who liked his music and offered to record some tracks. For a period of time, he tucked them away having shifted his musical sensibility to a more layered pop vibe in terms of production and vocals. But after revisiting the tracks this year, he decided it was time to share “Hazel Eyes” with the world.

Singer/songwriter Milahroy (photo: JP Boucicaut)

When he wrote the song, he recalls being “freshly out of the closet” and he’d developed a heavy-duty crush. “But, they were not good news and I couldn’t see it because I was so interested in him,” he adds. When people remark on the ballad’s gorgeous melody and feel, Milahroy admits with a laugh, “It’s a sassy song.”

The music video is the perfect match for the track in that it’s pure mood. No journey with zombies or down a darkened highway. Our hero, guitar in hand, is bathed in blue and red light, wrapped in ropes, with male and female hands running all over his hair, chest and arms.


“I sat down with my friend Lana, who helped me direct this, and I had the idea that I wanted the music video to be very sensual and sexy. I wanted to sell me a bit more and be less about some character’s journey – where they’re going, what location, who they’re meeting, etc.”

“The song is about being consumed by this kind of toxic love and not really seeing it until you’re fully engulfed in it. So, I had this idea of both masculine and feminine energy being all over me.”

Milahroy adds that, while he’s comfortable enough for a shirtless selfie every now and then for today’s world of social media, having a camera man and crew so up-close for such an extended period of time was a “wild experience,” adding, “It was so raw and vulnerable for me!”


Hit the play button below for the full Instagram Live chat with the oh-so-talented Milahroy where he also shares about returning to live performances post-pandemic, and the excitement of seeing his music placed in TV shows like “The Flight Attendant” and the acclaimed web series “The Disappointments.”

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