Miley Cyrus Slams Rumors She’s Pregnant with Liam Hemsworth’s Baby!

Miley Cyrus had one heck of a Thanksgiving yesterday, as the major LGBTQ supporter emphatically denied that she's pregnant with Liam Hemsworth's baby and did it in a really funny way. 

She posted a photo on Wednesday night in anticipation of her 25th birthday, which happened to fall on the same day as Thanksgiving this year.


That led to social media going into absolute chaos, as thousands of users commented that she might be pregnant with Liam's baby.  Not too long after that, Miley went back to social media to confirm she isn't pregnant, but just had a bunch of "tufurkey" instead.

She didn't let the haters phase her day, as she went out and celebrated with some big hoop earrings and celebrated it with her longtime love Liam.

Liam made waves earlier this year when Miley did an interview with Billboard where he told her to not call him a "straight dude."  We won't Liam, we won't.

Kudos to Miley for her support of Danica Roem, Jenny Durkan & Andrea Jenkins as well!  She shared photos of all three on her Instagram earlier this month and congratulated them for changing the face of politics for the LGBTQ community.



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