Miley’s Music Video For “River” Brings the Eye Candy

Miley Cyrus dances with some shirtless men in the music video for her new single, “River”. (Photo Credit: Screenshot from video via Miley Cyrus Official YouTube Channel)

Miley Cyrus knows the key to a successful dance party:  a gay man. The 30-year-old singer revealed during the Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) streaming special on Disney Plus that the inspiration behind “River”, the second single from her eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, was inspired after a dance party Cyrus and her best friend threw.

Cyrus explained:


“The rule was that every girl had to bring their gay best friend, or no entrance. That was your pass. That was how you entered. And we were listening to Diana Ross, Whitney (Houston), Lindsay (Lohan), Paris (Hilton), Britney (Spears), you know, all the legends. We had boys in crop tops, little shorts, little high heels. We had, like bundles and bundles. The hair was like everyone was Rapunzel. And it was so inspiring.”

Released the same day as the album and the Disney Plus special, the music video for “River” features Cyrus in a little black dress with images of shirtless guys dancing. After the song’s bridge, Cyrus is dancing with the shirtless men. Cyrus and the dancers are all wet by the final chorus of “River”.

The music video for “River” can be watched below.


Cyrus also detailed in the Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) special how album sequencing “is very important” to her. Cyrus expounded:

“I kind think of it like a film. You know, you want there to be a conflict and an overcoming. And when it comes to the sequencing of Endless Summer Vacation, I divided it by two parts: AM and PM, to kind of represent almost like an act.  And the AM, to me, is representing the morning time, where there a buzz and an energy, and there’s a potential of new possibilities. It’s a new day. And in the nighttime, it feels that there’s a slinky seediness and kind of a grime, but a glamour at the same time. And in the evening, it’s a great time for rest. It’s a time to recover. Or it’s a time to go out and experience kind of the wild side.”

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