Milla Jovovic Discusses Resident Evil And Her Gay Husband.

I'm a huge Milla fan.  If there was a girl I would … okay, maybe not that much of a fan. But I cannot wait until Milla Jovovich Returns To Slay In 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter'.  The release date has been set for January 27, 2017 and we're counting the days.

Milla is more than a bad ass hottie.  She's definitely one of our allies, too. In a recent interview in The Advocate, Miss Jovovich opens up about her LGBT-ness.  Here are the questions she was asked by Brandon Voss.  For the full answers, head over to The Advocate.


The Advocate: Is this really the final Resident Evil movie, or is this a fake-out like Cher’s farewell tour?

Milla Jovovich: [Laughs] Sad to say, but for us, it’s final. The story really comes full circle.

You’ve played apocalyptic protagonist Alice since the first Resident Evil film, in 2002. Has she become a part of you?

It’s no wonder the character resonated with queer audiences.

As with Alice, there’s an androgynous spirit to many of your most memorable roles, in films like The Fifth Element, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, and Zoolander. What draws you to that androgyny?

I could always look like a boy very easily, which the fashion industry loved to play up, and there’s something incredibly magical about being mysterious. I just did a photo shoot where I look like I could be Lucky Blue’s brother! I was also attracted to relatable characters that seemed more subversive or rebellious, and I was rebelling against everyone who thought a model should only play the femme fatale or some guy’s pretty girlfriend. I wanted to show that women could do something different and be successful.

You began modeling at a very young age. Was that your first exposure to gay people?

You’ve spoken before about how you got bullied in school because you had emigrated from what was then Soviet Ukraine. How did those difficulties inspire you?

Just look at you now. You became a multihyphenate.

You’ve spoken at the GLAAD Media Awards and performed at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Why is it important for you to support the community?

Your gusband?

Gay husband! Chris and I met at a very pivotal point in my life. I’d just turned 15, I was making music, and he’s an incredible musician. Instantly, we both just clicked, and we were inseparable. My father was incarcerated at the time, so I was left without a father figure. Chris was 26, quite a bit older, and he protected me. He was my buddy but also my voice of reason. And he had a car. He’s always been a big brother to me, and now he’s a fairy godfather to my daughters. I feel really bad for women who don’t have a gusband. Every woman needs that camaraderie with a male without the pressure of physical attraction.

Evan Rachel Wood made headlines a couple of years ago when she revealed her crush on you. Who’s your girl crush?

There was actually someone recently where I was like, “Wow, she’s really hot”: Elizabeth Banks.

I thought you were about to say Ruby Rose, your gender-fluid Final Chapter costar. – The Advocate


We're sorry to see this series come to and end. Maybe now you can go back and do a "The Fifth Element" Sequel or maybe even a prequel !

We included the trailer in our last post, but I think it was so well done and mixed with the Guns 'N' Roses hit I had to share it again.  Loves yah, Milla!



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