Millennials Need To Binge Beverly Hills, 90210!

Millennials Need To Binge Beverly Hills, 90210!

Seriously, What Else Are We Missing?

Okay, so I may be super late to the game. Twenty-eight years late, to be exact. But, why has no one else ever on this wide Earth told me about what is climbing the ranks above True Blood and Six Feet Under to become my favorite television series ever…and this never even premiered on cable! 

Yes, I'm talking about this little series called Beverly Hills, 90210. Okay, don't hate me: But I wasn't even born when it originally aired; like most television shows I've grown to love. This is Tales of the City all over again for me! I'm almost through with the second season, but this is seriously one series that warms my little gay heart. First of all, Jennie Garth is the mean girl we've always wanted to be, Tori Spelling's (below) Donna seems to be Spelling in her youth, Shannen Doherty plays the sweetheart so well you'd be surprised she was a behind-the-scene-disaster, and now I totally get all of these jokes about Gabrielle Carteris being the most elderly teenager ever (it is really noticeable). 

While a lot of the episodes are…problematic, to say the least: I can't help but feel 90210 was really ahead of their time. Just up to the second season alone, the series has tackled race issues, drug abuse, safe sex, and sexual assault. After further digging, I was blown away to discover Sex and the City Creator, Darren Star, an openly gay man himself, also left his thumbprint on 90210. Between Star and Ryan Murphy, I'm mind blown at how genius and creative gay men can be. Why aren't more of us making hit series?!

Now, I feel compelled to join the debate of every 90s girl and gay: Who would you rather? Luke Perry's bad-boy Dylan or the titular character with a kill-for-smile, Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley)? I mean, they are both totally worth it and now are even more my type since they scream DADDY! But, I'm leaning more towards Priestley because…I wish I could pull off those crop tops! Check out a possibly recent photo of the 90210 hunks below:

Please tell me you're also into 90210…and please get a fellow Millennial to start this binge with me! What episode should I be looking forward too?

If you also want to nerd out with a fun 90210 podcast, you can check out The Blaze with Lizzie & Kat featuring a handful of actual characters here

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