Milo Yianniwhatshisface Decided To Vocalize His Sorrow That Pipe Bombs Did Not Kill Anyone. Instagram Threatens Removal.

Above is the post that has Milo Yiannopoulos in hot water with Instagram once again. Milo, was removed from Twitter just last year and now apparently he is trying to stretch the boundaries of Instagram, poking another social media platform in the policies, just to see how far he can go? to see if he can regain some followers? Instagram really has not been watching the him since, well, he's not a popular anymore, but this most recent post got him the attention this hungry boy apparently was looking for. 

Just catching up with news of all these pipe bombs, disgusting and sad (that they didn’t go off, and the daily beast didn’t get one)

As stated, Instagram might have heard some hot air blowing in the wind, but it was others that had to bring the attention of Instagram to the post.

the first response was that the post did "not violate our Community Guidelines” and that the post would stay on Instagram.

The Daily Beast stepped up the spotlight on the post with its article Instagram Refuses to Pull Down Milo Post Praising Mail Bombs.   Apparently that was a big enough wattage and  ….

This content violates our policies and has been removed from Instagram and Facebook. We prohibit celebration or praise of crimes committed, and we will remove content praising a bombing attempt as soon as we’re aware.

If you go to his Instagram account and read the comments on the removal/warning post, it's amazing how many are commenting as if Instagram threatened Milo Y. over a post containing nudity. Maybe we need to shine some more light on the truth, but then again, that won't help many realize their error. 


Yep, we know, we're sharing this story and we're feeding into the Milo presence.  But he did not go gentle in the night, he just changed venues.  It is sad that so many people desire to spend their time on hate. 







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