Milo Yiannopoulos: Happy To Be An Internet Troll We All Hate?

I first learned of Milo when I blogged about his hatred toward Leslie Jones in Leslie Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Messy Twitter Hatred, And Gays For Trump. WTF ?!?  He reminds me of the elementary school bus bullies and the 'popular kids' in high school that verbally shat on us day in and day out because of our sexuality.  But the twist is, he's apparently gay. 

No, I guess being gay doesn't always make you aware of the struggles people go through and be more sympathetic and Milo is definitely proof of that.  We all know assholes in the gay community, but we try to stay away from them.  Then again, some of the comments posted on our FB articles seem just as vitriolic as Milo's.  I personally have received some hateful comments because of what I blog about and it's not just because of my opinion.  You would be amazed how insane people get if you have a spelling or grammar error.  It's like the world has ended and you are a piece of dung and should not exist.   

But back to Milo, I guess. Do you agree with his stance? He's personally perfectly fine being called a troll and thinks that is his role, his gift to the internet and the world. You can watch his interview on ABC below if you wish.

Internet trolling at its finest?  Milo Yiannopoulos believes trolling is his way of "doing God's work" and has gone after feminism and the body positivity movement.  Love or hate him, he likes to be heard.   –



Some may say we shouldn't give him the time of day.  Then again, how good was it ignoring the bullies when you were a kid.  Yes, we're adults, but the memories are still there and the pain can happen again and to be honest, how different is adult life than high school?  It's not.  Talking about him and showing our disgust for him tells others that we do not stand for this kind of activity.  It tells people that we don't tolerate this in the LGBT community, we shouldn't tolerate this in the Christian community, we shouldn't tolerate it in the online community. 

If we all agree that Milo should not be acting this way, should we do the best to sever his ties with social media and society? 

Should he be banned from all forms of social media so we don't have to hear his thoughts?

Should we as business owners ban him from our establishments?

Or do we respect his free speech and let him be the troll he wants to be?


Part Two of the ABC News social media bullying piece is below, but they did not mention Milo in this clip.  I think they got tired of him like we did 15 minutes ago. 




h/t: ABC News

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