Mind My Gap! Spartans Take To The London Underground


Last month we had a troop of faux Queen's Guards doing a striptease / dance by the Thames River in order to promote the new television series "The Royals."  This week we were given the pleasure of riding London's Subway with 300 "more than a handful" of Spartans.  Was this a promo for anything?  Besides possibly gym memberships, I am not sure.

How would Chicago or New York respond to such activities?  Would men in loin cloths clutching their big hefty spears be allowed on mass transit in the United States?  I think we should find out.  Just let me know so I can be there with a camera in one hand and a shield over my lap.

Here are some of the chesty pics from last weeks ride of the 300.

pics courtesy of piximus.net

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    • Happened on May 12th .  Not

      Happened on May 12th .  Not too long ago.  I thought it was visually stimulating and we didn't share anything about it at the time.  Thanks for following!


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