“Miss Roze At The Door”-New York City Nightlife Door Empress Roze Black Passes Away

New York City nightlife door personalities are often known as the people you simply must know in New York City. These arbiters of the velvet rope have the final call as to who will pass through the velvet ropes at the establishment of choice, and it is up to them to ensure that they are perfecting a brilliant nightlife personality concoction, all from the front door. It is a tall order, but one that Roze Black was more than able to accomplish with ease consistently. Whether you were coming to dance the night away after hours or showing up for a headlining event, seeing Roze, list in hand and eyebrow consistently arched, let you know that you were definitely at the right place (provided you were able to get in)! 

Roze Black suddenly left us this weekend, and her departure has left New York City nightlife reeling. While many of us have been wondering what nightlife will look like in a post-pandemic world, returning to the front door of some of New York City’s famed spots and not seeing Rose’s intimidating and familiar presence seems completely foreign to us. For many, the world of nightlife is filled with air kisses, blurred faces and forgotten names; Roze Black though, found herself emblazoned perfectly in the minds of so many. Some of Roze’s most notable friends and colleagues shared their thoughts and memories of Roze on social media; 

DJ Hector Fonseca

Former New York City light master Mitch Polon

New York City DJ/Producer Johnny Dynell 

Christina Visca, Baroness of Birdcage

DJ/Remixer Corey Craig

Journalist and host Frankie C

DJ Steve Sidewalk

New York City promoter Antonio Cedeno 


Grammy Winner Hex Hector


Many posted that Armand Van Helden’s “Flowerz” was Roze’s favorite song; the haunting lyrics certainly seem to fit the force of nature that she was; 

Flowerz Your eyes lit up the room, when I gave you flowerz

A rose will make your day but a daphadille –

D’ wash your tears away, every time

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