Mistr Is Proving That Guys In Tech Can Still Be Easy On The Eyes

No insurance? No problem! This online platform is helping to provide HIV Preventive medication and STI testing to those that have faced hurdles when it comes to medical insurance.

Mistr was founded by entrepreneur Tristan Schukraft and was launched in 2019. As a gay owned and operated company, the telemedicine platform brings doctors, pharmacists and problem solvers together to make PrEP available to all who need it.

Tristan Schukraft / Credit: Schukraft’s Instagram

Schukraft, from Agoura Hills, CA – brought on another California native to help run Mistr and make it the success that is. While Schukraft is busy being the CEO of the company and securing partnerships across the country, Courtney Roberts serves as the Director of Operations at Mistr.

Courtney Roberts / Credit: Roberts’s Instagram

Together, these two studs have successfully signed up over 50,000 people to their internet based service. Although COVID-19 put a halt to their sponsorship appearances at Pride events across the country, Mistr has been able to hold its head above water in a time when the pandemic was crippling businesses. Mainly due to the fact that it’s an online business, which was incredibly safe to users. With service options like in-home testing kits (both for PrEP required lab tests and STI testing), Mistr reassured its users safety in more ways than one.


Mistr does accept insurance, however if you are uninsured – they can help to enroll you in medical assistance programs that would cover the cost of your PrEP and/or STI testing.

For more information about the services Mistr provides, be sure to check out the FAQ section on their user friendly site.

But in the meantime, enjoy some more images of these fellas. Who said guys in tech couldn’t be hot?!


Credit: Courtney Roberts
Credit: Roberts’s Instagram
Credit: Schukraft’s Instagram


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