Mixing Sex and Health – Positions to Check Your Partner for Cancer.

Do you forget to check yourself for signs of cancer?  You know, that personal time in the shower that could be spent checking on the health of your boys rather than lip synching to the Backstreet Boys' Everybody.  Or if you're talented, both at the same time can be fun, business and pleasure.

Instead of doing those health checks ourselves, what if we made it a more fun couple's activity?  It would be a lot better being a contortionist in the bed with someone else compared to bending every which way in front of the bathroom mirror trying to see if that spot on your back has changed shape, size, or color.

Summarized on distractify.com is the description of the 32-position Cancer Sutra handbook.

"Because fear of cancer can be as bad as cancer itself. 
Because the earlier you detect cancer, the greater the chances 
of treating it successfully. 
Because fear, like cancer, may have the power to spread 
— but they both share one major weakness: Knowledge.

Because of all this, The Cancer Sutra is designed to 
challenge the taboos and conventions about cancer. 
Firstly by talking about how to look for cancer, not just 
find it. Secondly, by bringing the fight against cancer, and 
the prevention of it, out of a place of isolation.

After all, saving lives 
is one thing.

Having fun while doing it — well, that’s something 
we can all get behind. (Or in front of, depending.)"

The 32 positions are visually aided by drawings of same sex and opposite sex parings.  Helpful little directions are also present if you need some explanation on what to do and what to look for when you get your partner into position.

Cancer.org has a calendar of all the National awareness and prevention months, but should we follow it?  It's more so when they are trying to make us aware of each type of cancer.  Should we just be worried about skin cancer in May, testicular cancer in April, and prostate cancer in September?  Cancer creeps up on us when we least expect it, not waiting for the appropriate month.  And us as men have a history of not going to the doctor regularly.

It's important to note that while the Cancer Sutra may be fun, it is definitely not advertising itself as legitimate medical advice. Nothing is a substitute for real medical care from a professional. – distractify.com

Would you try this out with your man? Do you already pay attention to all his 2000 parts?

I haven't posted all of the positions on here, but they are available for viewing over at cancersutra.com or you can go to cancersutra's support page and help them fund their work.

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