MMA Gym Owner Vows To Protect Drag Against Protesters

Jonathan Haught, second from left, and fighters from Ohio Valley MMA. (

No one can do everything on their own. It takes a village, a community, a chosen family.  So when we find out that someone has chosen to help us get by in these tough times, yes, we need to say thank you.

From the desk of, we learn of such people looking to help us out, and they just happen to be not too shabby to look at either.


On February 26 of this year, performers of a West Virginia drag brunch at a Primanti Bros in Wheeling, West Virginia were threatened by the less educated and cultured in the area. Well, they were threatened even before they could take the stage as the performers and patrons and the restaurant received threats.

MMA coach Johnny Haught, owner of Ohio Valley MMA, has basically said to the LGBTQ Community, we’ve got your back. 

Haught said he has personally bounced in a couple local bars for around 10 years and has a good understanding of security and safety. Haught also said his students have more than enough training to keep an area safe under his direction.


“The drag show is no more offensive than a Broadway show, or a stand-up comedy show. In essence, it’s a mix of both. At the end of the day, it is entertainment. Not part of some hidden agenda, like some would have you believe.” –

Haught made it to NBCNEWS too and shared that coverage on his Facebook.

Is it just muscle and intimidation that he would bring to the ball? It’s about not letting it get to the physical. Haught says that he and his team can de-escalate any situation without violence and they key is to never get to that point.


“If you have control of a situation, it shouldn’t escalate. That comes with the understanding that you will put your self in harms way sometimes. As long as you speak with respect to an individual, and refused to be treated any other way, usually even the most unruly person will fall in line.”

But for this married and assumed to be straight man, showing his PRIDE and support for our community is nothing new for Haught as when we take a gander at his social media, there may be a familial tie to his support of our community, but it is not made public in our quick search.  But what we do see is he’s not too shy when it comes to flying our colors. This Instagram post is from June 2021.


Will S&S Productions dip its toes back into West Virginia and look to host a drag show in the future? They’re still moving forward, but looking to avoid any clashes and pathetic threats from mouth breathers. Unfortunately, the pattern will be that they will receive threats again.  Thanks Primanti Bros for trying. I’ll have to slide you some business soon down here in Oakland Park/Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

And we’re sorry that now, because you spoke up against ignorance, you’re a target too, Haught.  He elaborates on a blocked phone call and voicemail he received recently from the small mind guild. It included a warning for him “not to perform” in the event.  Some people are pretty special not comprehending security is different than drag performers. 

“The man on my voice-mail paid me the greatest compliment. Unfortunately, while I have tremendous legs and ass, I don’t have the makeup skills to be in a drag show.”



The Teaser Title for this article is “When Drag & Mixed Martial Arts Collide In West Virginia, It’s A Good Thing.” Of course, we did not wish the proud little brothers boys men? even existed and we had to postpone or cancel LGBTQ+ events. But to know that this rise in hatred is also bringing about a rise in open support, it does make us feel good. 

We’ll finish off this mention of our BRAVO! to our ally with highlighting Haught’s snarkiness toward the challenged humans. If you hit the “See More” in the Facebook message, you’ll read that he gives out his personal schedule and pricing for a training session. Love this. But be careful, these are the same people that tout face masks for COVID but wear them on the train and during protests. 

I’ve gone over to his social media and liked and followed. Might be a nice gesture if we all do the same. 

Johnny Haught (@hyperactivehillbilly) • Instagram photos and videos

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