MMA’s Jason Ellis Talks Feeling Ostracized As A Bi Man

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Bisexual men exist and they should be celebrated by their LGBTQ+ peers. But, unfortunately, many feel ostracized by us. Like, Jason Ellis.

MMA fighter and radio show host Jason Ellis recently wrote an opinion piece with the Advocate about feeling unwelcome by the LGBTQ+ community despite being “lucky enough to be able to have sex with men.”


“I just don’t feel like I’m welcome in the community right now. When men I have sex with find out I’m married to a woman they tell me things like, “it’s just a phase,” and “you’ll be gay eventually.” They tell me bisexuality doesn’t exist. They tell me what I do and how I define myself don’t exist,” he wrote.

“When I see depictions of the LGBTQ community in the media I see all the letters, but I rarely see bisexual men,” he added. “I have a tough exterior. I fight MMA. I’m a skateboarder. I’m tattooed from head to toe. But if you get to know me you know I’m a sensitive man. And the rejection of me being a bisexual man by other LGBTQ people hurts.”


Jason Ellis’s journey with his sexual orientation has been a long one. After moving to the U.S. from Australia when he was 17, Ellis decided he wanted to be a professional skateboarder. He then transitioned into other passions like boxing, singing, being a radio host, and an MMA fighter. Now, he hosts “The Jason Ellis Show” on SiriusXM Radio every weekday afternoon.

Then in 2016, Ellis came out as bisexual while being interviewed by Howard Stern.

“If you want to label me, I’m bi,” he said. “If you have an orgasm from being fucked in the ass, it’s up there with some of the better orgasms you can have.” 

He then added, “I’ve never had sex or got a blow job that made that happen before so, if you want to call me bi or a homo, go ahead. I’m having a good time over there.”


Then in 2019, Ellis opened up more about his sexuality by releasing a book called Still Awesome: The Trials and Tribulations of an Egotistical Maniac. Then in an interview with OutSports, Ellis shared that he has repeatedly been told by peers and strangers that he shouldn’t be so open about the fact that he’s bisexual.

“They tell me, ‘Man, this isn’t cool you talking about it,’” Ellis said from his home in Los Angeles. “But I’m going to keep talking about it because they shouldn’t be frowning on it. They tell me to maybe keep it to myself. But maybe not. Maybe there’s a 17 year-old-guy thinking about killing himself, and he sees me and he thinks, ‘Hey maybe I can just be myself.’”

“Bit scared to talk about it. But I am a bi guy and I think it’s ok,” he wrote on Twitter. “Not here for a shoutout just letting others know it’s ok to be you too. I’m happy.”

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  1. Love Ellis and have listened to him for years and a fan back in the day when he skated more. Just throwing it out that he no longer works on Sirius but has a free podcast and a Patreon for more content. I listen all the time and love it.


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