Model Adonis Bosso Came Out As Sexually Fluid

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Model Adonis Bosso has come out as sexually fluid.

Adonis Bosso is a Côte d’Ivoire-born model who’s worked in all sectors of the fashion industry. From commercial gigs to runway walks and editorial photoshoots, he’s done it all. But it was in a recent interview with The Cut that Bosso took off his mask as a model and got personal. In the interview, Bosso shared publically that he sees himself as sexually fluid and that he came to realize this through his past relationship with fellow queer model Slick Woods.


“Being with someone that was so open with herself got me more comfortable to just be where I am, without necessarily having to feel like I need to answer anyone,” he told The Cut. “I don’t necessarily believe in labels. I feel like I could fall in love with anyone, regardless of their sex, or their orientation, or anything. I feel like love is energy.”


It’s safe to say that Slick Woods has been a significant presence in Adonis Bosso’s life. Not only did he get more in touch with his sexuality while he was dating Woods, but the two later found out that they would be having a child together. After getting together in 2015 and later breaking up in 2018, the ex-couple realized that Woods was pregnant. They then decided to co-parent their son.

Now Adonis Basso, who current resides in Toronto, Canada is being more open with the world about how his life has changed after knowing Slick Woods. And while the West African nation of Côte d’Ivoire is relatively liberal when it comes to LGBTQ issues, his honesty about his sexuality and sexual experiences will surely create more visibility and change his birth country, his resident country, and more. We couldn’t be happier to know that.

Thank you, Adonis Basso.

Source: The Cut

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