Model, Singer And Actor Quentin Elias Dies At 33

Images courtesy of Michael Stokes Photography



Quentin Elias, most known for his work as a model (Armani, Jean-Paul Gaultier and many well known LGBT photographers) and from his days as lead singer of the French boy band Alliage, has passed away at just 33 years old (born May 10, 1980; other sources report a birth year of 1974).

Details are sparse, but according to recent reports popping up via social media, the Frenchman, originally of Algerian decent, was found dead on his couch in New York yesterday from an alleged heart attack.

The following was posted on Elias' Facebook page by his management earlier today:


Tomorrow a statement will be made on the announcement of the passing of “Quentin Elias” this is a very sad time for his family and fans around the world. Please be patient for the official press release as it will be posted here tomorrow. – MGMT

Elias worked with many well-known photographers in the community, including  Michael Stokes, who released this exclusive statement to Instinct:

I hope someone does a serious biography on Quentin. His life was not easy, and while some people may look at him and judge him for any variety of reasons people judge other people, they might take pause if they knew his whole story. In many ways he is an archetype, representative of many struggling artists. At age 15, he ran away from his home in Marseilles to Paris and took on odd labor jobs. To make it from that to being a lead singer in a boy band is a tremendous feat. While his good looks no doubt played a factor, as a child he was teased mercilessly because of the way he looked, his distinctive features that had not yet matured. There is so much more to his story, and I believe he would be happy for people to know the true story, the real story because now he no longer has the pressure of a career and the politics that go along with it.
Out recording artist, Ari Gold, also shared the following via Facebook, mourning the loss of his friend and colleague:
My heart breaks to hear that we lost another young vibrant beautiful talented friend Quentin Elias too soon. People would sometimes mistake us, which I always took as a huge compliment cause in my mind I was nowhere near the stud that Quentin was. I went to Prague with Quentin on this crazy gig that was canceled when we got there about 10 years ago. Quentin was fun, funny and sweet and I had a crush on him like everyone else who knew him. Last time I saw him he gave me such love and respect for my music which was so big of him as people often pit us against each other as gay male singers and I was truly touched. We will miss you, Quentin, your voice, your beauty and your heart–your soul lives forever.
To read more about the life and career of Quentin Elias, you can view an indepth profile here or check out his website, featuring his music at
Our heart goes out to all of Quentin's friends, family and colleagues. R.I.P.

46 thoughts on “Model, Singer And Actor Quentin Elias Dies At 33”

  1. If he was a scarier or not.
    If he was a scarier or not. Hes gone and people will miss him. Steve you are vulgar. I think any light extinguished before its time is sad. These deaths of. Models in fashiin or porn talent worry me. Nice guys are chewed up and spat out by users and hangers on. He made choices good or bad as we all do. RIP

  2. “When you point one finger,

    "When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you." Stop you bitter queens.

  3. it’s a sad new, not only for

    it's a sad new, not only for his fans . modeling, singing, acting, QUENTIN always gave full talent. from the ALLIAGE times, i remember him; with energy, full smile, and very well dancer. QUENTIN had something special in his voice, his face, his body. he was a complete artist. his voice sounded as tender as sexy as irreverent. prays for his soul and always remember him. that makes him alive !!! .


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  5. There will always be losers
    There will always be losers only looking to tear down any celebrity, be they alive or dead. If you don’t know the person beneath the facade, then shut the hell up and keep your divisive and poisonous comments to yourselves. Quentin was a celebrity, and being such, was and will always be judged on the exterior only. Do not forget that there was also an interior that few actually saw or experienced, and I’ve spoken to a few who knew the real man, and all I’ve heard is the highest praise. Rise above your sick, small-minded judgments. You without sin cast the first stone. Jesus got that right, and for as much as we in the gay community insist that the heterosexual community should not judge us, we turn around and judge each other all the more harshly. That makes SO much sense. Quentin lived his life, and now, unfortunately, he’s gone. Celebrate his life and those lives he touched and made a difference in, and if all you have to spew out is more negativity into our community, try shut ting the f*** up instead.

  6. It is incredibly hilarious to
    It is incredibly hilarious to read all these posts about a friend of mine. I applaud all of you guys. Even at the start of his and mine careers, we had these types of comments. As always and forever, people never cease to critisize. No wonder things do not get done. People worry about gossip. Focus on other things not whether or not he used drugs, was a call boy, was a high fashion model or a singer. Unbelivebly some blogs state that he was a nothing yet he was so much an artist. He had an obsession with beauty. Just as any other model does. Always looking to succeed and have the best body. Fortunately for me i got out of this cycle. Yeah i will get critisized but only a few of us will really know the real Quentin and as Mr Stokes said “hopefully someone makes a biography of Quentin”. He was a man with a tremendous heart and ambition. The ambition carried a deal of stress and sacrifices as everything does in this world. R. I. P. Quentin

    • Very well stated Enzo.  Wise

      Very well stated Enzo.  Wise and honest words. Thank you for sharing this perspective.

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  8. I really don’t care what his

    I really don't care what his friends have to say.The only thing I ever saw of this guy were pictures and him bragging about how good he looked on some documentary.Let that be a lesson to people.Before you die, what do you want to leave behind and be remembered as?Do you want to show that you were a decent person who did your best or do you want to be forever known as a conceited douche?He even said in that film that people want to be friends with him just because he's good-looking.So his friends defending him in the comments were most likely only his friend because of the way he looked.I'm sure they loved telling others about their model friend.He's dead… good riddance.One less vain person the planet.

    • Wow!  I didn’t know this man,

      Wow!  I didn't know this man, but I have to wonder how disguys can say "Let that be a lesson to people.Before you die, what do you want to leave behind and be remembered as?" as he totally trashes someone who passed at 33 years old?  Disguys – how do you want to be remembered?  Shame on you, clean up your act.

  9. Kinda bad to say, but i have

    Kinda bad to say, but i have never heard of this guy.  It is really sad to see someone this young pass away.  From what i've seen in this article, we have lost a talented and handsome young man before his time.  Peace to you brother, and may your next stop in your journey find you well.

  10. I celebrate Quentin,

    I celebrate Quentin, regardless of what any of you (who didn't even know him) have to say. He was a friend of mine, we worked together on music and I can say that he was extremely talented, was a genuinely sweet, caring, gentle and fun person. The last text I got from him was wishing me and my boyfriend a great New Year… and I cherish that message, dearly. He was judged (which is all people are good for, anyway) for many things and choices in his career… but in actuality, if any of you even had a shot at any type of career you would be faced with many decisions to make as well. He overcame huge adversities and made a name for himself. He deserves to be celebrated, remembered and honored. He did contribute… much more than any of you at home hiding behind your computers ever will. This is a great loss and he will be missed greatly. 

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  12. The negative comments in this

    The negative comments in this thread are really tasteless and astounding. However, I don't think its negative to state the truth if it is in fact the truth and Quentin did in fact have a profile on Rentboy.  Whether the nasty queen who made the awful Rentboy claim in this threat is credible or not, who knows but it was a truly tasteless comment.

    • I completely agree regarding

      I completely agree regarding people 's tasteless and classless remarks. The people who make comments like that are the lowest of scum in our society that they would speak about the dead that way immediately after their death

  13. If Quentin didn’t look the

    If Quentin didn't look the way he did, no one would even give a fuck that he died. Ironically, if Quentin didn't look the way he did, no one would know he was even alive

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  15. I did not know him and barely

    I did not know him and barely knew of him  — but I do not think it is right to denigrate his memory regardless of whatever the facts are surrounding how he lived his life.  He was someone's son, nephew, brother and friend…and somewhere these people are grieving over this loss

    Perhaps at the very the very least his passing will remind us that life is precious.

  16. i witnessed this guy “quentin

    i witnessed this guy "quentin" attack another guy at david barton gym in nyc.  i was working out right beside this guy and all of a sudden he started yelling "you fucking faggot" at some guy and then he hit him in the face and picked up a dumbbell and about to hit him with it.  it seemed so crazy that there would be a fight in the gym.  i think this guy quentin had an anger problem.  who knows what else was going on in his life. i agree with the previous poster, we should celebrate guys who actually make a contribution to your community, not an objectified muscle boy who really didnt do much of anything to contribute something positive.  

  17. I can see how diverse our

    I can see how diverse our "community" is by just reading the comments. So many things to discuss. I just can say that in the picture he looks like he had an incredible bod. I haven't read the articles nor did I know him so I can't talk about him or asses facts of his life. To me is both true that his notoriety never reached me, and the space the article used could had been used for something or someone else. But someone wrote it and someone approved the upload, so is up to us to continue here o somewhere else

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  20. Matson, Quentin was one of my

    Matson, Quentin was one of my best friends and we dated for a long time. You know nothing about him. How dare you say these things about him. He was an amazing person and was 10 times the man you will ever be. It breaks my heart to see such ignorance. You my friend the one who doesn't matter. Quentin mattered and always will. 

  21. You want to elevate gay men

    You want to elevate gay men out of a major health crisis? STOP talking about AIDS AIDS AIDS, and start getting them off the drugs and steroids! 

    Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer can't survive in an alkaline, oxygen rich environment but thrives in an acidic, low oxygen environment. This includes pathogenic infection. STI's (sexually transmitted infection) 

    The proof has been around for a long time. Illness is (for the most part) voluntary. You choose to be acidic or alkaline. Sex didn't make gay men sick in the early 80s, acidic blood composition, carcinogens, and DNA damage made them sick. All caused by; toxic overload, lack of micronutrients, and oxidized stress. 

    AIDS is a 300 BILLION dollar industry of lies, propaganda, lies, and many many more lies. The gay community waists so much time chasing after a "phantom plague" and ignores the REAL culprit to their demise. TOXIC RECREATIONAL NARCOTICS. (usually methamphetamine and amyl nitrite)

    • While you do make a valid

      While you do make a valid point about some topics, you are very misguided in many others.

      AIDS is a very real disease.  It is caused by a retrovirus.  While some viruses have been linked to an increased incidence in cancer, not all cancers are caused by viruses.  Essentially, any neoplasm (including what everyone calls "cancer") is a uncontrolled proliferation of cells.  A retrovirus takes its RNA and uses its own and the host's "machinery" to reproduce within the host.  HIV attacks the immune system and eventually leads to an immunosuppressed state, the final stage of infection, known as AIDS.  The pathophysiologies of each disease are very different.  Putting them in the same category is erroneous.  Trying to take Dr. Otto Warburg's achievements and then manipulating them into your own interpretation only leads to the spread of more pseudoscience that puts impressionable individuals at risk.  The gay community does not waste time chasing a "phantom plague."  They should be committed to ending a very real, yet preventable, health concern.  Denying this epidemic is not only laughably ignorant but also deplorably immoral.

      Illness is not voluntary.  Sex did not make gay men sick in the 1980s.  Unprotected sex leading to the transmission of the virus made them sick.

      I do agree that recreational drugs also cause many other problems.  They wreak havoc on the body.  They put the individual at risk to make poor decisions that can further compromise his health.  They are a legitimate problem.

      Continue your battle against narcotics.  Leave your ignorance behind and learn the truth about HIV.


      A proud LGBT medical student




        NO. If you test positive in Africa you will likely test negative in France. If you test positive in Germany, you will likely test negative in Australia. AIDS is one thing in Greenwich Village, and a very different thing in Uganda. There are also 12 different definitions of HIV/AIDS world wide. 






        It is common knowledge that AIDS is rampant in Africa and affects males and females alike. But few are aware that AIDS is diagnosed entirely differently in most of Africa. Under the WHO’s Bangui definition, Africans are diagnosed with AIDS if they score at least 12 points based on a list of symptoms which includes: over 10% weight loss ( 4 points), protracted weakness , prolonged fevers for a month or more , prolonged diarrhoea , thrush, persistent cutaneous herpes , shingles (4), persistent itching , and a cough . Such symptoms are of course common to many diseases ultimately caused by poverty, malnutrition, unclean water supplies and lack of sanitation.

        Despite the artificial ‘AIDS epidemic’, the WHO says that there are more cases of TB and malaria every year in Africa than the total number of African AIDS cases reported since 1982. But less than a hundredth of the money spent on chasing the AIDS virus is currently spent on fighting TB or malaria (which can both give false-positive results on the HIV test). African governments are under enormous pressure to divert resources to pay for expensive antiretroviral medicines. And doctors are tempted to use the lax standards of the Bangui definition to declare that their patients have AIDS in order to secure desperately needed funds.

        Only in South Africa is an HIV test now compulsory. The WHO calculates its AIDS epidemic statistics for South Africa from the presence of ‘HIV antibodies’ in blood tests done on a few thousand pregnant women attending clinics – despite research showing that healthy human placentas often contain retroviruses that give a false-positive result.

        WHO field reports show that around 70,000 Africans a year test HIV-positive, but its annual estimate for AIDS in Africa is calculated by multiplying these reported cases by a large ‘error factor’ to account for ‘underreporting’. In 1996 it multiplied the number of registered AIDS cases by 12, and in 1997 by 17. Something similar happens in Asia. In the Philippines, the health minister initially multiplied the 50 detected HIV/AIDS cases by 1000 to obtain an estimate of 50,000. Reported AIDS cases in most developing countries are 




        In the late seventies to early eighties, a substance called Amyl Nitrite, AKA Poppers, created by the drug companies and once used to treat angina pectoris, had become a popular recreational drug in the gay ghettos of New York City & San Francisco. The abuse of Amyl Nitrite, a powerful carcinogen, was known to cause pulmonary failure resulting in rare diseases such as PCP, Pneumocystis Pneumonia and Kaposi's Sarcoma. Kenneth Mayer, a physician living in the Boston area, was among the first to sound the warning about poppers to gay men.

        What you may not know however, is that the two rare illnesses (Pneumocystis Pneumonia and Kaposi's Sarcoma) were lumped together as a syndrome and called AIDS. These two rare illnesses declined parallel to the decline of the usage of Poppers. The original AIDS syndrome has been over for YEARS. However no one knows the difference because the CDC (in a race to blame a virus and keep the plague fear alive to make money from toxic HIV treatments) lumped over 29 illnesses into the syndrome and mass produced Bogus HIV tests that (by the way) do NOT actually test for HIV. They test for anti bodies that the body produces for over 100 non-HIV related reasons. HIV does not cause AIDS. 

        AIDS was not brought on by homosexual sex. Men have been having sex with men for probably millions of years, and no plague has ever been documented from the behavior. It was toxic DRUGS that made these men deathly ill. And the HIV medications is what finished them off. (research AZT medications)





        NO. In order to prove that a virus exists you need these components. 


        – Is there an electron micrograph of the pure and fully characterized virus?


        – What is the name of the primary specialist peer reviewed paper in which the virus is illustrated and its full genetic information described?


        – What is the name of the primary publication that provides proof that a particular virus is the sole cause of a particular disease?


        You will never find any of these for the HIV/AIDS virus, because it does NOT EXIST. 






        HIV tests are non confirmatory. They aren't even approved by the FDA. They state that right on the box inserts! They do not test for HIV. They are indicating the body has protein antibodies which are produced for over 100 non-HIV related reasons. The only way you can confirm a person in fact has a virus is to test their blood with an Electron Microscopy.

        My question for you: How does HIV cause AIDS when THOUSANDS of dead AIDS patients test NEGATIVE FOR HIV when using an electron microscopy??? They have AIDS by definition yet no HIV virus in their blood? 

        THE TESTS (inserts on the BOX) 

        – RAPID TEST INSERT: Intended for use as a point-of-cadre test to aid in the diagnosis of infection with HIV-1. A reactive test… suggests the presence of antibodies. (Not a virus) 

        – ELISA ANTIBODY TEST INSERT: At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence and absence of the HIV-1 antibody in human blood. 

        – WESTERN BLOT CONFIRMATORY TEST INSERT: Positive blot results using any specimen type should be followed with additional testing. 

        – PCR GENETIC TEST INSERT: Not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection. (This test is not used confirm the presence of HIV?) 

        BONA GENETIC TEST INSERT: NOt intended for use as a screening assay for HIV infection or as a diagnostic test to confirm the diagnosis of HIV infection. (This test is not intended to confirm the presence of HIV?)

        It is important to note that the inventors of two of these tests (ELISA, Rodney Richards) and (PCR Kary Mullis) have gone public stating that HIV tests are bogus, and should in no way be used to confirm that any one has a specific virus enzyme.






        Scientists still say GMO's, Flu shots, and vaccines have no adverse health affects. The 1950's scientists said smoking cigarettes didn't cause lung cancer. The truth is, "scientists" have been paid off by Pharmaceuticals to conduct fraudulent studies based on corporate publicity, not proof.






        If you are experiencing degenerative or infectious disease, its because of one or more of the following factors:


        – Toxic Overload (Synthetic toxins found in tap, processed foods, air, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, etc) 


        – Lack of Micro Nutrients (Organic, RAW, plant based foods) 


        – Emotional Stress (acidic blood composition) 






        Humans are the only animal that experience any degenerative or infectious disease. Animals in the wild don't even lose their teeth. Many species (both homosexual and heterosexual) have sex all day long and never contract a deadly viral infection. Why? Because they are not toxic and/or malnourished. They do not drink coca-cola, cook with tap water, take pharmaceutical drugs, eat what their bodies are not made to eat (processed foods), lack micro-nutrients, or experience incredible emotional stress on a daily basis. 

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  23. Even at a mans death, you

    Even at a mans death, you people find it necessary to post negative comments about him. You should be ashamed.  Let his family and friends mourn over the person they loved without people speculating on his life and cause of death.  Unless you have walked in Quentin's shoes, you have no right to judge him.

    Quentin, Rest in peace my friend, know that you have touched my heart and made me a better person today.


  24. A pre-mature death of anyone,

    A pre-mature death of anyone, regardless of what community they are in, is tragic.

    The fact that this guy is being held up as an icon, when what he was best known for was being a Rentboy/Hooker (despite what the article suggests), a roid-rager, and reportedly a drug user who died apparently at his own hand (whether it be neglect, drug use, etc.) is insulting to the gay community.

    At what point do we start celebrating our doctors, lawyers, activists, and peers who are making a real change in the world while displaying the gay community in a positive light?  Why do we waste a page on hookers, porn stars, and aging models who die at their own hands?

    This is everything that is wrong with the gay community.  We are making our own case against ourselves. 

    RIP Quentin.  I'm certain death is a release from the drugs and prostitution you were known for. 

    Now, can we talk about someone who matters?

    • No… I think YOU are

      No… I think YOU are everything that is wrong with the gay community. Just because this man or his story doesn't matter to you, that doesn't mean he didn't matter to some. And quite frankly, your elitist attitude his insulting to not only the gay community but the  human community.

      If you read this magazine, or advocate, or out or any of them they all talk about LGBT people who are making a difference. Those lawyers and docs etc of which you speak of. They also all talk about all people somehow related to the LGBT community. Just because he's not that you say everyone should ignore him?

      WTF is your problem? This man obviously had an influence. He mattered to people. And unless you knew him personally, Id suggest you stop projecting your bullshit on to someone who has passed away… REGARDLESS of his past (which you know nothing about)


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  26. Young, fit person may die o

    Young, fit person may die o heart failure if his heart suffered from undiagnosed illness.  However this tragedies do not happen too often. 


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