Mom Beheads Son Because He Said Wanted to Be a Girl

Rhuan’s life was tragically cut short by his mother who apparently never loved him. Image by Mydrim Jones via The Sun.

A young boy’s life was cut tragically short at the age of nine by his mother, Rosana Cândido and her partner Kacyla Pessoa who together stabbed Rhuan to death and skinned him, according to The Sun.

According to Mirror, Cândido said that Rhuan was a product of rape and, as such, felt no love for him but instead she felt only hate. Rhuan also reportedly reminded Cândido of his father, and Cândido also said that Rhuan was a burden and hindered her relationship with her partner. Because of this, she and her partner decided to stab Rhuan over a dozen times and removed all the skin from his face before chopping up his body. 

After this tragic incident, Cândido and Pessoa attempted to use a knife to gouge Rhuan’s eyes out to prevent the police from recognizing him. They also tried to burn his severed body parts on their grill and stuffed other parts in backpacks that were scattered around their house and some in a suitcase that they dumped in a sewer. The couple eventually confessed to their horrific crimes to the shocked police department in Samambaia, which is about 20 miles away from Brazilia. They are charged with homicide, torture, and concealing a corpse. 

Cândido and Pessoa were also found guilty of tearing off Rhuan’s penis last year using rudimentary tools because he said that he wanted to be a girl. After removing his penis, Cândido sewed an improvised vagina into the mutilated area. 

This crime was incredibly tragic and to do what doing what Cândido and her partner did is reprehensible. Rhuan did not deserve this treatment and it is my hope that Cândido and Pessoa never get the chance to abuse someone again. 


Source: The Sun

5 thoughts on “Mom Beheads Son Because He Said Wanted to Be a Girl”

  1. Which is it, was he/she killed for being a burden and product of rape or for his/her identity? It sounds like the first one, since the being a girl part was mentioned as being a year earlier and doesn’t sound like that much of a factor. If the first is the case as it’s implied, the title makes no sense.

  2. Why is the headline of this article written to imply the mom murdered the boy due his being transgender? I found this on facebook and it is CLEARLY being implied that this child was killed due to his identity when in fact his lesbian mother is clearly a monster and the murder has absolutely zero to do with HIS identity.

  3. You make a good point, Eric. I will edit this to make it less insensitive as this was a truly shocking crime and nobody should have to go through what this boy did.
    Thank you for the feedback, reader interaction is very important.


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