Mom Calls A Gay Bar For Advice!

Mom Calls A Gay Bar For Advice!

Are Bartenders The Wisest Of The LGBTQ Community?!

Ahh! Do you remember coming out of the closet? HAVE you came out of the closet…yet? I always say, some of us are born in glass closets: Essentially, you don’t have to come out. You were just, you know, born a little flamboyant and that kind of stuck with you throughout your life. I was one of them, I guess, lucky ones to be in a glass closet. Alas, that very same closet stole my grand, Oscar Award winning coming-out-moment to my mother. I’ll never get it, because she just knew…everyone did. Damn, looking back I’m pretty sure the mailman knew!? Anyway, this next story I’m about to share with you is super heart warming and it better be entirely true!

Again, coming out of the closet can be a pretty nerve racking experience. What once was a private, personal matter is now boldly advertised in viral videos and while some are straining for views and a minute of fame, it’s obvious that the majority are just…devastatingly cozy and warm. It’s those coming out videos that have me up until 4AM on a Tuesday crying my eyes out…sometimes wishing I got that special moment! Damn it! At least I have a wedding to look forward too.

But, one mother in Gulfport, Mississippi was at a loss for words and action when her son came out of the closet to her. According to a Facebook post, Kara Coley, a bartender at SIPPS- primarily a gay bar- received a phone call from said mom asking her for advice on what she should do regarding her son’s newly outed sexuality. Coley simply tells her: “You should definitely let him know that you love and accept him! I think everything will be ok from there!” After working in the bar industry for 17 years, Coley claims this is a first for her. Girl, come on now- you know we all need an update! Somehow, the mother of this boy needs to see these posts and ask her how the rest went!

It’s safe to say that the incredible power of social media and the Internet in general likely brought this mother to calling SIPPS. Doing research, or having previous knowledge, led her to calling the bar. That glimmer of hope- she knew someone, a complete stranger- would understand her. Hell, I’m certain that our LGBTQ bartenders are some of the wisest in our community! Have you ever seen what they’ve had to go through on a Saturday night?! Give ALL of them an award! Kudos to Coley for being so stand up, not taking the call as a prank, and delivering solid, quick advice to someone in need. But, now, I’m getting jealous- I want questions like this! Should I take a mixology class? Hmm…

Check out Coley’s full Facebook post below to warm your heart:



This article originally appeared on LGBTQ Nation.

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