Mom Finds Her Son in Bed with Another Man and Her Reaction Is EPIC!

A video from 8 years ago recently resurfaced on the internet and it has us wondering, how would this have gone over in your home?


Comedian Jimmie Fowlie shot this scene as part of his ‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’ series.

After a night of heavy drinking, Danny struggles to remember who the man in his bed is. And then, the worst person who could drop by for a visit does.

In the video clip, the mother was looking to surprise her son for his birthday, but she’s the one who got the surprise of her life. She’s so shocked to see her son in bed with another half naked man that she drops his birthday cake she was delivering.

All three proceed to shout in sync at the situation as it seems the mom is shocked to find out that her son is gay. She yells at him saying,


“What about the Church, Danny? What about the Church?! You’re gonna rot in hell for this!”

She does this half cry, half hyperventilating moment, and then she hits us with a plot twist! After her little freak out session, she exclaims,

“I’m just fucking with you,” then laughs.

Turns out she’s an ally, and WE LOVE IT! The mom even joins them in bed for a catch up.


The clip popped up on Reddit just a handful of days ago, but as mentioned, is from an earlier project by Jimmy Fowlie. Here’s the full video for your viewing pleasure.

So how would this have gone over at your house? Would you have brought a man home to mom’s house? Even if you lived there? Would she be screaming or you? What about that cake!  Would you be more worried about that? 

Thanks Jimmy for the humor. We just wish all moms would be as fun and accepting. 

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