Moments When Ronen Rubinstein’s Thirst Traps Had Us Floored

‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ actor Ronen Rubinstein definitely knows what his followers want, and he makes sure to supply the demand by posting thirst traps that will most likely have us floored.

In fact, he recently posted a steamy sauna photo on Instagram, and it was taken down, probably because he was completely naked and looking sexy as ever, even in a red-lit room. Thankfully enough, his post on Twitter wasn’t deleted.


And since we’re on the topic of his thirst traps, here are more gems from his Instagram account:



The 28-year-old actor is playing the role Tyler Kennedy Strand, also known as TK, in the American procedural drama ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ In an exclusive with HELLO!, he revealed that his character have a lot of similarities with him.

In the series, TK is a recovering opioid addict, and he also gets into a relationship with police officer Carlos Reyes (Rafael L. Silva). Meanwhile, Rubinstein shared:


“I always assumed that TK’s abuse started in high school – he was from NY and I am from NY – and that is when it started for me. Acting did save my life. My future was not looking great. Acting gave me grounds to stand on, it gave me discipline and I fell in love with it.”

Moreover, the actor came out as bisexual on April 7, 2021, which was a day when he felt  “comfortable and safe” to make an important decision in his personal life and career.


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  1. I find it odd that his Instagram post was taken down when they allow ass cracks? Was it the red lighting that makes it so sinful?? IG is so homophobic


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