Momoa’s Nips Make A Surprise SNL Cameo

Screenshot: YouTube @SNL

Jason Momoa gave us an eyeful in a recent sketch from this weekend’s SNL.

This past Saturday night, Grammy-winning musician Chance the Rapper hosted the sketch comedy program. As with many hosts before him, Chance got together with the SNL cast and writers to find a few parts to play. And one of those sketches is going viral for its overall funniness and inclusion of a surprise visit from Momoa’s bare chest.


In the sketch titled Judge Barry, Chance plays the role of a tv show judge who has seen it all. The theme for the show is thus, “First Impressions Court.” And the joke? Chance’s Judge Barry is maybe too familiar with the crazy people and scenarios that come into his courtroom. After all, he’ll call a verdict on just a first impression.

But it’s not just Chance’s performance (or the fact that everyone is very obviously reading off teleprompters) that has the internet’s attention. It’s Jason Momoa’s cameo in the video and a certain earring reveal that has us all talking.

Watch the video below to see for yourself.

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