Mona Lotts On “The Biden Effect” For The Rehoboth Beach Community

She’s entertained the masses of Rehoboth Beach for years, bantered with “The Real Housewives of Potomac” during their first season, and most recently, is helping bring drag pageantry back to Rehoboth Beach (expect to see more on that in Instinct)! What many don’t know though, is that Mona Lotts herself has two high-profile fans; President Joe Biden and the First Lady herself, Dr. Jill Biden! Between her shows at the WORD Top Of The Pines, Lotts sat down to chat with me about what she thinks President Biden being POTUS means for Rehoboth Beach, her thoughts on Dr. Biden as our newest First Lady, and dropped some surprising tea on her own unexpected run-in with the First Couple! 

Photo Courtesy-Mona Lotts (Facebook)

Michael Cook: President Biden has gone from being seen on the streets of Rehoboth Beach as a local resident to being the latest resident of the White House. Truly surreal for Rehoboth Beach residents like ourselves. What do you think of it’s impact? 

Mona Lotts: Joe Biden being elected as POTUS is a true game changer for our community, the State of Delaware and our country. President Biden has always been a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community and has fought for our rights both socially and legally in our State of Delaware and the United States. He has championed rights for LGBTQ youth and has taken a strong stand against violence against our trans brothers and sisters. It is so wonderful to have a President who listens to the needs of our community and then acts upon those needs instead of just giving the usual nod and wink that most politicians do.

It is even more exciting that he and Dr. Biden own a home here in Rehoboth Beach and visit often. The President and First Lady have been visible members of our community frequenting restaurants and retail establishments throughout the town. This can only elevate the Rehoboth Beach area as a tourist destination and bring business and new visitors to our area. Of course, Rehoboth has always been a “gay friendly” destination for our region and can only elevate the importance of how a gay and gay friendly community can thrive in today’s culture. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the President at one of our shows at the Top of the Pines?

Photo Courtesy-Mona Lotts (Facebook)

MC: I understand you had your own unexpected interaction with the then Vice President and Dr. Biden, correct? 

ML: I had the most amazing encounter with Biden’s several years ago right here in Rehoboth on Baltimore Avenue while I was walking down the street! He and his motorcade were headed down Baltimore Avenue to the Atlantic Sands when the motorcade abruptly stopped. The back door of the SUV opens and out pops Vice President Joe Biden extending his hand to me. He said “Miss Mona, how are you doing?” I was in total shock! I of course shook his hand and said “I am well sir! You know who I am?” to which he replied “Everyone in Delaware knows Miss Mona!” He then invited me over to say hello to Dr. Biden who admired my earrings and shook my hand. It was an experience I will truly never forget!

MC: The Bitch from The Beach, but many would consider you The First Lady of Rehoboth Beach. Any advice for our other First Lady? 

ML: If I were going to give Dr. Biden any advice about being First Lady of our country it would be to keep doing exactly what she is doing! She is always her genuine self and is authentic. My experience has taught me that being kind and gracious to everyone you meet will win hearts and so far she has done just that. We encounter so many people every day and sometimes we fail to realize that behind those faces and casual encounters is a story. Some stories are of happiness and contentment – some stories of pain, fear and difficulty and we never know what people are going through behind that exterior we see.

Photo Courtesy-Mona Lotts (Facebook)

MC: Mona you recently experienced a scare of your own that shook you to the core. Tell me about that…

ML: Recently I had a scare with breast cancer and have had to undergo treatment. I was afraid and often didn’t feel well but I continued doing what I love, performing each and every week. I tried not to bring my own personal struggle to work because it is my job to make people laugh and have a good time and forget their struggle for just a little while. The moral of the story being – always be kind to everyone you encounter because you don’t know what struggles they are dealing with. I take note of how the Biden’s have overcome personal tragedy and struggle in their personal lives and have continued to empathize and reach out to others -that is true leadership”!

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