More Bigoted Business Owners Don’t Mind the Spotlight. This time in Georgia.

"[Jesus] died on the cross for me, so that's the least I can do for him."



Jesus died on the cross so she could decide who to discriminate against.  I'm not sure I remember that Bible passage.  Do we need to hear anymore from her?  After that brainless statement, could it get any more hypocritical?  Yes.  During her son's interview, he stated that he serves the judge of the universe and he doesn't care what anybody else says.  And he is studying to be a Southern Baptist Pastor.  Here we are folks!  A future leader of 'Merica!



Jeffcoat was asked if she would serve someone that committed adultery or did not honor thy mother and father, individuals breaking the rules of the Ten Commandments, she said yes, she would serve them.  Asked why she would not serve gays, "It's a different kind of sin and I just don't believe in it."  You can watch the entire CNN story below.


The best news we could hear today is that this story is false, but no.  These are real people and these are their views.  But the second best news is that with the close of Georgia's legislative session today, the State's RFRA bill is dead for this year.  Yes, this year.  They tried it last year as well.  Will it be back? 



The sponsor of Georgia's controversial "religious freedom" bill says the measure is dead for this legislative session. That's the second consecutive year that the anti-gay bill has flamed out.

“I do not expect further developments,” Sen. Joshua McKoon, R-Columbus, said in an email about his Senate Bill 129. McKoon says the legislation would prevent government from intruding into religious practice, while opponents claim it would cause discrimination against gays. – ProjectQ.US


To read this and last years' attempts for an RFRA in Georgia, go here.



With the fight against RFRA's across the country being covered nationally, let's hope that Georgia gets the message loud and clear and does not attempt another version next year.  But with supporters like these florists, who knows. But then again, maybe she's looking for handouts from fellow discriminators.  It seems that it's been lucrative to be a business owner, discriminatory, and in the spotlight.




7 thoughts on “More Bigoted Business Owners Don’t Mind the Spotlight. This time in Georgia.”

  1. Instead of getting mad and

    Instead of getting mad and trolling them on Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. We can make this a pissing contest. A contest that will blow them out of the water and remind people that the majority of Americans stand for EQUALITY.

    I am calling for all people who support equality for all, whether it be for same-sex marriage, for non-discrimination laws, or those who want to take a stand and refuse for this country to allow close-minded individuals to make a stain on our history books again.

    Check out a fundraiser that can when this pissing contest.

  2. Please ask her to show us

    Please ask her to show us where in the bible it says that homosexuality is a sin? Go ahead…. Fucking dumb "C U Next Tuesday".

    • Not taking up for her, but it

      Not taking up for her, but it's in the part of the bible that they ignore the majority of, which is Leviticus. "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:13. However, Leviticus also denounces wearing mixed fabrics, eating shellfish and pork, & men shaving their beards and side burns. That's why its discriminatory. They ignore the other "laws" they are supposed to follow, but show favoritism to the ones they choose to ignore.

  3. There is NO place for

    There is NO place for ignorance-based bigotry, discrimination and hatred against the LGBT community in 2015 (long overdue!), and it's time to end this ridiculousness/discrimination by those whose claim/attempt to justify it "in the name of religion!..

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  5. All this woman is doing is to

    All this woman is doing is to try to get people to fell sorry for her and give her 250,000.00 like they did for the Pizza place in Indiana !!!  Jesus died on the cross for all man kind to wash away there sins and The 10 Commandments where put in place as the laws of the Bible But some of these SO CALLED CHRISTIANS think they are exempt from these laws But One Thing For Sure When These  SO CALLED CHRISTIANS DIE an they get to heavens gate they will be turned away for the way they lived there lives and The Teaching Of  Hatred Along With The Other 9 They Have Broken Also !!!     FIX IT JESUS……

  6. Idiots!! They’ll serve
    Idiots!! They’ll serve someone who broke one of the 10 Commandments but won’t serve someone who is gay because it’s a different kind of sin. Their version of “god” is perverted. The true God teaches us to love one another. Period. No “ifs”, no “buts”, no alibi.


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