More Cereal Can Help With Gay Rights

Honey Nut Cheerios partnered with HRC to help with LGBT equality. Image via NY Daily News.

I’ve recently written about how Kellogg is raising money for LGBT equality but now General Mills is joining in on helping LGBT people by partnering with the Human Rights Campaign, according to LGBTQ Nation

Honey Nut Cheerios has the “Snap for Good Rewards” campaign in which people can use a Snapcode on the back of the box to unlock exclusive Snapchat lenses from three different organizations. The organizations that are participating are the Human Rights Campaign, Feed America, and the ASPCA. They will receive a portion of $100,000 from Honey Nut Cheerios based on lens usage.


Each snap will be worth one point and the campaign will be open until December 3rd. 

Chris Speron, HRC’s Vice President, commented that he is grateful to be part of a fun campaign and that he and the rest of the HRC is glad that General Mills and Honey Nut Cheerios recognize how important LGBT equality is and he is grateful to be receiving funding for such a good cause from a major company. Speron also said that he hopes that this campaign will spark conversation during breakfast time. I agree as I truly believe that it is very important to teach acceptance at an early age because learning about LGBT people can make a huge positive impact on how people treat others who are not like them.

In my opinion, this campaign seems genuine because, both HRC and General Mills consistently poll high on the Corporate Equality Index in regards to how they treat their LGBT employees, and General Mills received a perfect score in 2018. What do you think? Does this seem genuine or is General Mills depending on younger people using Snapchat to make a profit?

Source: LGBTQ Nation

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