More Gays and Bigger Wieners – Let’s Celebrate!

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Is the community getting bigger, or has the world advanced enough that people feel comfortable living out loud and proudly?

Gallup published a new study where they announced that 7.2% of the population identifies as a member of the LGBT community. This also includes groups like pansexual and asexual, who comprised just 0.20% of the number above. 


Researchers also found that the biggest component of that 7.2% number was determined to be young bisexuals. 

As we know, gay people have always existed, whether they hid or were wiped under the carpet. Gallup also published that the number of LGBT identifying individuals has doubled in the last four years. And, again, I think this is due to how society has really started to accept gay people. 


In other news, Stanford Medical School released a new study that points to longer penis sizes and, in return, more for us to choke on. Adversely, however, the researchers note that sperm counts and testosterone levels across the board have decreased significantly.

The study states that penis sizes have increased steadily over the last three decades, bringing the average penis size from 4.8 to 6 inches. Now, before you freak out because your “manhood” is challenged, please remember that this is literally the median number and some men fall below or way above the line.

How do you swallow this new information? Bigger dicks and more gay men to choose from, but also more chances for STIs and a decrease in sex drive. This is why I’m glad I’m married because literally none of this data affects me!

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