More Guys Are Falling In Love With The Merman Life

A few years ago, we shared with you a quick clip of the TLC spotlight on the rise of mermen. (A video which you can now watch in it’s entirety down below).

It seems that the craze of being a merman is only getting stronger. Now, there are several companies out there specializing in giving men the fins they’ve always wanted. Plus, even Insider and Buzzfeed made videos about Mermen.


To understand the craze and maybe permanent facet of modern life, GayStarNews spoke to Instagrammers Davi Moreira and Alex Vassal about their lives as mermen.

Davi Moreira is a gay man living in Brazil who told GSN that he’s been into mermaid culture since he was young.



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“I started when I was little, playing on the beach. I would roll my mom’s towel around my legs and I imitate Ariel. I am a huge fan of Disney,” he told them.

“Then I saw that there were people who would professionally do this and had a different lifestyle. From there I got the idea of using a flipper, sowed some tight Lycra to it and it became a simple tail. Then I started buying more.”



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Then there’s Alex Vassal who’s also a gay Instagrammer who loves to be shot in a fishtail. In fact, he sports 44,000 subscribers to his Instagram account and travels the world as Merman Arion.

Vassal confirms that he also makes the fishtails himself by sewing thousands of scales by hand.

But it’s not just these two guys. Again, the love of mermen and mermaids has become a staple in our world. In fact, there is now annual gathers like Mermania in the US and the European Merfest where people gather the celebrate the love of merelife.

It seems this not so much a craze or fad, but a true facet of life for many people in this world. Perhaps the merpeople populace will only grow from here.



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