More Orally Content – Adult Film Star Cade Maddox Is All Smiles

How important are a man’s teeth when considering the whole package? Is the overall package more important? Is his ‘package’ more important?

And what about flying to another country to get a cosmetic procedure.  Would you ever?  Well this next post deals with teeth, international surgery, and a great package. 

Gay adult film star Cade Maddox has been smiling from ear to ear recently and it’s not just because of his meteoric rise and success in Gay Porn. The 33 year old performer just recently visited Turkey to get a brand new smile!


No stranger to visually documenting his best assets for the world to see, the Mississippi native has been showing off his new custom teeth, courtesy of Dental Centre Turkey – in videos and pictures on his social media accounts. Maddox, who announced on March 25th that he was fully vaccinated, flew to Turkey to get the procedure done.


I highly doubt anyone is tuning into a Cade Maddox video to look at his pearly whites, but that just adds to the Falcon Studios performer overall package. And if he likes it, we love it.

If you visit his Instagram, you’ll see that many of the pics prior to the new teeth, Maddox didn’t show the chompers too much.  Here is a pic from last year May (Maddox on the left) where we get to see what they were like before.


But with his more current pics, he is showing off a great deal more of his smile. 


Maddox says having the procedure done in Turkey was “much cheaper”, opposed to getting his custom chompers done in the United States. Maddox currently resides in Los Angeles.

Whether it’s his 2021 GayVN Award for “Best Cock” or just surviving the (still ongoing) global pandemic – Cade Maddox definitely has a lot to smile about. The new set of teeth is just the icing on the cake.

All images courtesy of Cade Maddox’s Instagram

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  1. This is the infamous criminal Jared Wayne Fagan. He lied about being an Uber Driver so that they could skip the line for Kung Flu vaccine. They stole the Vaccines so that they could fly to Turkey to get their teeth, face and boobs done. He also had his butt done before.


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