More Raging Wildfires Burn in California, Claiming Notable Celebrity Homes and Film Locations

This time of year is dreaded by many California residents because Fall winds pick up and pose a potential threat to wild fires that have been known to be catastrophic and take millions in property loss and lives along with them. Currently, there are fires that are raging in the Southland and one of the most recent victims is ex-Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner.


TMZ reported that the celebrity’s Malibu hills home was destroyed by the Woolsey fire that have been claiming thousands of acres of land. Jenner’s home was featured in the reality show I Am Cait and was a haven for her before she began transitioning and during some difficult moments coming out to her family.

More than 75,000 homes have had to evacuate their homes including the Kardashians who all own homes in the nearby areas.



Another tragic loss to Hollywood is the Paramount Ranch where HBO's Westworld is currently filmed. The backdrop for the show features miles of Western topography that have now been claimed by the Woolsey fire.

Wildfires are unpredictable, especially with the current high winds. The story of the path of the fires is currently developing. Let's hope everyone in its path is stays safe.

h/t: TMZ

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    • ‘so much’?  Celebrities can’t

      'so much'?  Celebrities can't have any more insurance coverage than you should.  You can only legally have as much insurance as you have insurable interests.  Insurance only indemnifies.

      My point: your statement shouldn't doesn't apply to just reflect Cait's level of insurance, but everyone else who lost property in a fire.

      Anyone that doesn't know this needs to sit with a California licensed insurance agent/broker to make sure they understand how insurance works. 


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