Morgan Davies on Coming Out as Transgender at 13 Years Old

Morgan Davies is playing the breakout role of Koby in Netflix’s hit live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga series, ‘One Piece’. 

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Koby is one of the people who Monkey D. Luffy (Iñaki Godoy) meets throughout his journey to become King of the Pirates. Koby, who is held captive by Captain Alvida, is freed by Luffy, giving him the chance to pursue his dream of becoming a Marine.


In real life, Davies has gone through hardships of his own, and he revealed that he went through “extreme pain” after coming out as transgender at the age of 13.

“At 13, I came out as trans, just to mum and Catherine [his best friend] and a few close friends. I was going through a lot, thinking: ‘Who the f**k am I and where am I going?,'” the 21-year-old Australian actor shared in an interview with FandomWire.

He was 16 years old when he was offered the role of Oberon in the TV series ‘The End’. Davies initially declined the offer, but it eventually became a turning point in his life.

According to him,


“Oberon’s story was very like mine, he was really depressed and I was a very depressed teenager and I knew I’d have to go back into that and that it might make me feel worse. And it did.”

In the end, the actor was grateful to have accepted the role, which raises awareness on the challenging journey that transgender individuals go through. 

I would do it all again. I feel like if I saw a show like this when I was younger maybe I wouldn’t have felt so horrible,” he further expressed about portraying the character.

Moreover, you can watch Davies playing his breakout role as Koby in the ‘One Piece’ live-action, which is now available for streaming on Netflix.


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