Mormon Church Has Lost Up To 1 Million Members Over Gay Marriage Fight

In a recent piece by Fred Karger, President, Rights Equal Rights called Mormon Church Bleeding Members Over Gay Marriage Karger hints that the Mormon Church has hemorrhaged members in the 7 figure range.

Insiders have indicated that over the last seven years the Mormon Church may have lost up to 1 million members because of all it did to end gay marriage. These formerly loyal Church members decided to side with their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) family members and friends instead of their Church. Because of the way the Mormon Church works, you're either with them 100 percent on everything or you're out. If you are LGB or T and act on it, then you will be excommunicated, your name will be removed from Church records and you're no longer a member. –

Have you noticed a decline in your church's attendance? 

Or are you receiving more people into your more accepting church due to their previous church's narrow minded ways?

Fred Karger goes on in his piece Mormon Church Bleeding Members Over Gay Marriage to cover A Proclamation to the World, Mormon Church Lied About All it did to Pass Prop 8, and Secret Mormon Documents.   His full article is definitely worth a read.  Another excerpt reads:

These documents proved that the Mormon Church's 1995 declaration of war against gay marriage and the LGBT community was a deliberate and well executed plan over a long period of time. It was also crystal clear that it had partnered with the Catholic Church in its fight. It also showed the extremes that the Mormon Church went through to avoid getting caught including setting up its last front group, the crooked National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in 2007 to help qualify and pass Prop 8. –


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