Mossimo Giannulli Reports To Prison Looking Very “Breaking Bad’


Mossimo Giannuli and Wife Lori Loughlin Leaving a Court Appearance for the College Bribery Scandal / ENews – Screen Capture

Sporting quite a different look than seen above, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli has shaved his head and reported to prison for his involvement in the infamous college bribery scandal that rocked headlines last year. Initially, Giannulli and his fallen TV screen queen wife Lori Loughlin claimed no wrongdoing in the then-alleged criminal charges that also included conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud and honest services wire and mail fraud.


Both eventually pleaded guilty and were convicted of their crimes, though the public was skeptical, believing neither would ever serve a day behind bars. There was also speculation that if the couple were convicted, they would only receive a light sentence despite the serious nature of their crimes.

One of the major contention points for the college bribery scandal, which also snared an admission of guilt from actress Felicity Huffman, was that it called into question the notion of two separate justice systems in America – one for the black and poor, the other for the white and privileged. After Giannulli and Loughlin pleaded guilty, they were both sentenced; she received two months and he received five months. Their crime was committing acts of fraud to get their privileged, wealthy children into Ivy League colleges. 

Contrast that to the story of Tanya McDowell, a homeless, black, single mother from Bridgeport, Connecticut, struggling with addiction. McDowell was rumored to have sometimes sold narcotics on the streets as means of survival – an action she remorsefully admitted to the courts. However, the single mother also understood that poverty is a cycle, so to give her son a better life opportunity, she used her babysitter’s address to enroll her child in an affluent, neighboring school district. She was caught.

McDowell’s attorney claims that when his client refused multiple times to plead guilty in the school enrollment case, police set up an elaborate scheme to target her at the homeless shelter where she lived, which resulted in her being arrested for intent to sell drugs to undercover cops.


In court, a tearful McDowell apologized for her poor choices and her selling of drugs that potentially could harm her community. She would not apologize however for wanting her son to have opportunities and not be a victim of disparity just because he’s underprivileged. The judge saw this as defiance, a failure to admit to “stealing an education” and gave McDowell 5 years in prison. Her narcotics charges based on precedent, warranted a much lower sentence.

McDowell’s lawyers also argued that the courts were determined to make this black mother pay for the fraudulent school enrollment one way or another. So they exploited her vulnerabilities to get their conviction. In contrast, Felicity Huffman, who stems from one of the most wealthy families in America, and having amassed her own fortune as a Hollywood star, received just 14 days in jail for a similar crime. She was let go on day 11 for good behavior.

As for Giannulli, the day before he reported to prison, he was seen sporting a newly shaved, bald head. It’s not clear if he did this to look tougher in prison, but the shocking look is quite a contrast from his usually flawless mane of sculpted perfection.


The bold new prison look for Giannulli may seem overly dramatic considering the Santa Barbara, California facility where he’s serving his time has in the past been mockingly referred to as “Club Fed.” It’s a low-security environment with no watchtower guards or guns, and inmates walk around freely. There are even activities like tennis, lawn bowling, and a pretty nice gym. Sounds great, right?

Well, that was what it was like before 1990. Since then, reportedly due to prison overcrowding, a “violent offenders” unit was added to the prison, and so there is a possibility for danger, albeit remote. With that in mind Giannulli’s new, bald, “Don’t f–k with me” look might be a wise move after all, and not to glamorize prison, but damn he looks hot with that shaved head and I’m totally here for it!

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