Move Over Dads! Gaymers Are Now Into Dream Baddies!

Image via Lizard Hazard Games

Vampire, devils, and clones, oh my!

Three years ago, the gay dating sim Dream Daddy went viral for letting gamers interact with and romance a series of daddy archetypes. And now, a new game is on the horizon that could deliver us something similar but with a villainous twist.


Lizard Hazard Games, a studio that has a history of creating LGBTQ games such as Your Royal Gayness, has announced its latest project titled Lovingly Evil. In this game, players attend The Villain Conference where the world’s evilest characters and ne’er-do-wells gather. Unbeknownst to the players’ character, there isn’t just evil that can be found at this conference but also a new love interest.

As for the love interests available to date, there are five dateable characters. The Evil Stepmother, the Vampire, the Artificial Intelligence, the Devil, and Your Evil Clone. No matter what, the five characters are “playersexual,” meaning they’ll be attracted to the player’s character no matter the gender you choose to play. Because of this, there’s a guaranteed two same-sex romance options for every player (and possibly a third depending on how the “evil clone” route goes). Even better, each dateable character is given nuance and dynamic personalities like the vampire who loves to arrange flowers or the devil who loves to cook sausages.

On the matter of LGBTQ issues, the developing team is committed to good examples of representation.

Image via Lizard Hazard Games

“The subject of Your Royal Gayness is very personal to me,” lead developer Salli Lokkanen said in reference to the studio’s first LGBTQ game. “I’m a queer woman (specifically gray asexual / pansexual, if it matters), and while I’m fortunate to have lived in a very accepting environment, discrimination and LGBT+ issues aren’t new to me. Most of my friends are also part of the LGBT+ community, so I’d like to make things a bit easier for them – and all queer kids – if I can.”

Loikkanen then added, “Even though Your Royal Gayness is ‘just a game,’ I hope that in some small way it can spread awareness about gay issues. Maybe someone who doesn’t know a lot about the struggles a gay person can go through will play it and sympathize with Prince Amir.”

But when can you play Lovingly Evil? Right now! The game is out now on the PC through Steam for $12.99!

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