Move Over Lady Gaga, Sam Smith Wanted A Gay Version of “A Star Is Reborn” First

Sam Smith is gearing up for a return to the spotlight with his new album expected to come out sometime before Christmas.

Plus, the music video for his single “Too Good At Goodbyes” just came out too.

But, what we’re here to talk to you about in this post is a project of his that will never see the light of day.

Sam Smith admitted that he almost pitched his idea for starring in a gay version of A Star is Reborn, but sadly Lady Gaga got to it first.

Smith spoke to Attitude Magazine and confessed that he once worked with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli to make that dream a reality. They were in Mexico for the premiere of SPECTRE when they got the idea "to pitch the studio a gay rework of A Star is Born."

The film A Star is Reborn is a film that’s had multiple adaptions and remakes. Originally, it started in 1937 before being remade in 1954 (the version most are familiar with, which starred Judy Garland), a 1976 version with Barbara Streisand, and now a 2018 version which will star Lady Gaga.

Smith was hoping to make a new version of the film but shift it to have a gay male lead.

"We were drunk, and at that point, unaware that [Lady] Gaga was redoing it anyway," Sam recalled. "We had it all worked out. I wanted to [sing] 'The Man that Got Away.'"

While “The Man That Got Away” is a song that was sung in Judy Garland’s version of the film, Smith states that his version would have been similar to the plots of Steisand’s 1976 remake (and coincidentally Gaga’s as well).

Then, when asked who he would have liked to play opposite him as the male celebrity whose career is on the decline (which will be played by Bradly Cooper in the 2018 version), Sam Smith said he would have liked it to be…

“Ryan Gosling!" he said. "I met him once and he shook my hand. It was like meeting Hercules.  He's beautiful."

Unfortunately, Sam Smith wasn’t quick enough to pitch the movie (or perhaps only meant it as a drunken idea). And now we might never get to see his gay version of A Star is Born.

But at least we got to enjoy the idea of it.

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