Mr Gay World Germany takes home overall title. Other awards given.

So as all of America was watching two mature and well paid individuals smack each other around in Las Vegas last night, there was another battle for a different title occurring in Cape Town, South Africa.  Mr. Gay World 2015 was sashed and the award went to Mr Gay World Germany, 21 year old Klaus Burkart.

"The 1.83m tall milk technician from Wangen im Allgäu was presented with the Mr Gay World sash and trophy by 2014 winner Stuart Hatton in Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday night." –

Is this just another beauty contest?  Are there "whirled peas" questions? Do they have to adopt a platform to set them aside from others?  I am not sure about the other questions but the answer to the latter is yes, and the winner has a great platform we can stand behind.

As Mr Gay World I would like to be a role model for young gays all over the world and help them with their coming out and also change young people's opinion of homosexuality. With my very own experience I can say that the coming out is one of the most sensitive parts in the life of young gay people. I would like to lead the world to a point where it is not essential to even have a coming out. At the moment I am planning a campaign to visit schools and talk about how to avoid bullying and gay bashing. It is my dream to share my campaign with delegates and supporters all over the world. I would really like to work together with them to create similar campaigns adapted for their own countries. –

Like any contest, there was controversy. Last week one of the promising contestants had to withdraw due to he and his family receiving death threats from non supportive Muslims citizens of India.

Thahir Mohammed Sayyed, India's official entry for Mr Gay World 2015, has pulled out from the pageant following alleged threats of ostracism from his community. Sayyed, a Brisbane-based model, has gone into hiding with his family after withdrawing from the pageant. –

If you would like to see more of the contestants, go to MRGayWorld.Com.  Mr Hong Kong was one of the top vote getters, along with Iceland, Belgium, Finland, and the winner Germany. but you must must must check out Mr Uruguay. Nevermind, here is is.  He wins my trophy for, well, whatever he wants to win for.

Real judges actually made other selections and here are the winners below.  It's a great world, isn't it?


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