M@sshole State Senate Candidate Tweets Gay Slur. Won’t Apologize. Believes Did Nothing Wrong




Is Busiek fighting to be the new definition of Masshole?   Someone needs to take the advice "delete your account."  Here's what happened on the twittersphere this weekend.




BOSTON (CBS) – A Republican candidate for state senate has caused a controversy on social media by using a homophobic slur to defend Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump. Putting self-righteous f****** in their place since 1993. How I love this fellow,” 30-year-old Ted Busiek of Littleton tweeted over the weekend.

“I want to live in a world where nobody is afraid to say what they really think and nobody is afraid to use their own language,” said Busiek.

He’s pointing to a 1993 video of Trump sparring with a congressional committee over federal tribal gaming policy. He didn’t like what he calls the “self righteous” grilling Trump was getting. “They don’t look like Indians to me and they don’t look like Indians to Indians,” Trump said.

Busiek, who says his candidacy was partly inspired by Trump, claims he was using a word that was more slang than slur. “Ask anybody under 40 and they’ll tell you in today’s parlance that word means somebody obnoxious and irritating,” Busiek said.

His opponent, incumbent Senator Jamie Eldridge, thinks Busiek should apologize and even withdraw from the race. “When you run for office you are there to represent everyone. I would respectfully say his comments suggest he would not represent everybody well,” said Eldridge.

Busiek remains unapologetic saying it would be giving in to “social media warriors”. “If you know you’re not a bigot you don’t have to apologize to anyone for anything that you say,” he said. – boston.cbslocal.com



Really America?  Is this a failure of our educational system or is this what we have to look forward to in American politics?  Some people need to stay in the background and become more educated on words, vocabulary, and how to use social media.


Busiek said he joined the Air Force in 2009, worked as an Arabic translator, and was honorably discharged in 2013 after being stationed a number of places without serving any deployments.

Eldridge said Busiek's remarks Saturday were part of a pattern, pointing to a tweet the candidate issued June 1 on the news that Gov. Charlie Baker said he would sign a version of legislation granting new anti-discrimination rights and access to transgender people.

"Don't do it," Busiek urged the governor on Twitter. "These perverts aren't who got you elected, and pandering won't make them your friends." – wcvb.com

It's up to you Massachusetts to make sure someone with poor social skills and limited vocabulary does not represent you.

h/t: boston.cbslocal.com and wcvb.com

2 thoughts on “M@sshole State Senate Candidate Tweets Gay Slur. Won’t Apologize. Believes Did Nothing Wrong”

  1. Sounds like a closeted

    Sounds like a closeted homosexual who is afraid to admit his sexuality even to himself. A pity, he will live a very unhappy, fragmented life.

    • There is no evidence of this

      There is no evidence of this in this statement or quite frankly, anything reported about him locally. Every time someone says something anti gay, many push the closeted homosexual button. To me, it's the same as saying that if someone is prejudiced against African Americans, they are secretly black. No, they are just idiots. As someone who lives near that district, there are probably more Democrats in that district but there are a fair share of Trump supporters too based on yard signs. If he ran a solid Republican campaign, he'd lose. Jumping on the Trump bandwagon seems to be his goal and what he believes will get him in office, but he'll have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected.


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