Murder Suspect of Jamaican Gay Icon Denied Bail & Facing Multiple Charges

Image via J-FLAG

We have an update on the Dexter Pottinger murder case.

Dexter Pottinger was a celebrated artist and activist in Jamaica. He was a fashion designer who was praised by not only the fashion and art world but also by politicians who thought of him as a cultural asset.

In addition, Pottinger was considered a leader for the gay community on the island. In fact, Pottinger was even made the Face of Jamaica’s Pride last year.

But, earlier this month Pottinger was found dead in his home. His body was stabbed multiple times when police arrived.

The murder of such a big name celebrity in the country caused for a quick and efficient arrest of the alleged murder.

What ties 21-year-old Romario Brown to the case is that the murder weapon and Dexter Pottinger’s tv were found in Brown’s house. While the results of the post-mortem are not out yet, the evidence at Brown’s house was enough to arrest him.

But, it gets even worse. During all of this, Brown was out on bail for a previous murder case of a woman from St. Andrew, Jamaica.

As such, many people are scrutinizing Brown before he even goes to trial for the Pottinger case. And while the court waits for the post-mortem in order to really delve into the Pottinger murder case, they have found a way to charge Romario Brown anyway for his possession of a weapon.

Brown pleaded guilty for having one knife in his possession while on bail, which will result in him either being fined $3,000 or spending 10 days in prison. But it turns out that he had two knives in his possession so he will be tried for the second knife later on top of his trial for the alleged murder of Dexter Pottinger.

Due to all of this, Romario Brown was denied bail and will only leave jail to return to court on November 9th.

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