Murray Bartlett Stars As A Beefy, Hot Trainer in ‘Physical’

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Australian actor Murray Bartlett has landed his next role. The Looking actor is starring in season two of the Rose Byrne-led Apple TV+ comedy Physical. We here at Instinct have been a fan of Bartlett’s ever since his guest-starring turn in Sex and The City. The Girl Most Likely actor played Oliver Spencer, the shoe distributor Carrie Bradshaw meets at a gay club one night. 

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Physical tells the story of “Sheila Rubin, a quietly tormented housewife in 1980s San Diego; behind closed doors, she battles extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice, but things change when she discovers aerobics, sparking a journey toward empowerment and success.” ( Out Magazine previously reported that in season two, 

“Sheila is torn between loyalty to her husband (Rory Scovel) and the values he represents and a dangerous attraction to someone else. She also finds herself having to outrun some fierce new competitors on the road to building a full-fledged fitness empire.”


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Bartlett joins the cast as Vinnie Green, head of a fitness empire who Sheila befriends and ultimately begins to work for. The trailer leaves some ambiguity as to whether Vinnie and Sheila are friends or foes especially when he tells her,

“Are you here to work for me or to try to become me?”

The handsome 51-year-old actor has been on our radar for years winning fans playing Dom on the loved it or hated it Looking. [I hated it, friends loved it lol]. Next, he won the role of Michael “Mouse” Tolliver in the Tales of the City reboot. Ask anyone who read Armistead Maupin’s beloved novels and you will see and hear their affection and adoration for the character of Mouse.


Arguably, the most talked about scene on our screens happened last summer while watching The White Lotus. The buzzworthy show of the summer starred, Jennifer Coolidge, Steve Zahn, and Connie Britton as guests and workers at a luxury Hawaiin resort. At the end of one episode, Bartlett’s character Armond is caught rimming one of his employees by a disgruntled guest. To say the scene was hot is an understatement. Lukas Gage who appeared with Bartlett in that much talked about scene had this to say on Watch What Happens Live,

 “I thought we should normalize rimming. I think that ass eating needs to be talked about more. In the script it was ‘sex’, and we’ve seen sex on TV. Let’s have some ass eating”



Season two of Physical premieres June 4th on Apple TV+. Check out the trailer below.

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