Muscular Influencer Gets Slammed for Whining About His Body

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A popular influencer named Jasson Jerez has been getting repeatedly slammed about his perception that people make fun of his muscular body. Cue the violins here.


“People who are fit – people like me – we all work really hard on our bodies, it doesn’t matter if you do steroids or not,” he began. Oh lord.

“it’s still hard work, I give up a lot of food that I could eat.” Let me go cry into my calorie-filled burrito.

“So it’s actually really disrespectful, for you to come onto my page and say how I’m not relatable, that my body is too perfect.” He’s been mocked incessantly for this on Twitter for several days now.


I’ve spent five minutes thinking of the shadiest thing to say about his final statement, but my reaction is better as a GIF.

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Here’s the thing about this Jasson dude. Him whining about his body isn’t a big deal. Many of us have vented about our own in private and on social media. But it becomes a bigger issue when you allegedly fat-shame people who have less desirable bodies amid you complaining about yours.


Someone on the same Twitter thread that posted Jasson’s Instagram stories also included screenshots of him body-shaming people on his Facebook page. “Since when did it become a thing to make fun of people that are fit for being fit from people that aren’t fit?,” he wrote. “I thought it was the other way around.”

“No babe, it has been like that since Ancient Greek… the most judgemental people are the one who have awful bodies,” one of his friends wrote in response.

“Let’s change that,” Jasson then said. “I’m sick of being a nice person.” Other people on that particular update tried to justify his view point on how muscular men should not be shamed for their figures.

Porn star Billy Santoro was slammed in late March after he seemingly mocked “fat” people on his Twitter account.

You know, there’s this whole thing of just ignoring what people say about you. Instead of lashing out, see them just as haters and move on with your life. Just my two cents on both of these guys.

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