Music Video Expresses What It’s Like to Have a ‘Gay Christmas’

The holidays bring cheer and happiness to many people, but there are others who sometimes are left with emptiness because the season brings bad memories while others don't feel like they have much to celebrate. Often times the joy of the season is extinguished by those who are closest to us. We spend time with family, but sometimes those who are supposed to love us the most are the very people who alienate us and make us feel like we don't belong–even during the holidays.

I love the holiday season because it makes me reflect on what has transpired throughout the year and reminds me how fortunate I am in many ways. But I have had my share of sad Christmases. I have spent teary Christmas Eves alone in my room because of break-ups, arguments with family members, and feelings of hopelessness that not even Christmas lights, endless tamale-eating and spiced apple cider can cure.

Being queer is unique and while not everyone may accept us for who we are, we are definitely fortunate enough to be able to surround ourselves with those individuals who lift us up and celebrate us. Even when families may not be accepting or willing to welcome you for who you are with open arms, the beauty in being queer is that we have the power to have a chosen family–usually friends–who make up our world and are truly the reason for the season.

For those who have ever felt that they don't fit in with the holiday season, artist Tom Goss has music video–just in time for Christmas–that celebrates our differences and our power to be with who we choose during the holidays and every other day of the year. Don't let the song's somber tone fool you, it packs a positive message punch.

Gay Christmas tells the story of a group of individuals walking their way through key points in Los Angeles, being down about the holidays. We follow them in poignant lyrics that stress that there is no point in trying to fake our way through the holidays with people who don't value us for who we are.

The song also touches on the difficult moments we have endured throughout 2017 as we are living through tumultuous political and social times.

At the end of the video, Goss expresses that the song and video is for those "who have felt like an outsider on what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year.”

Here's the video, which will hopefully send a positive message to all:

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