Music Video From Riotron Celebrates Our Connections To Mothers

Tyler Posey in ‘Life Is What We’re Living’ (screen capture)

Just in time for Mother’s Day, out electro-pop recording artist Riotron drops his uplifting new music video, “Life Is What We’re Living,” starring actor Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) and 80s icon Lea Thompson (Back To The Future) that celebrates connections to our mothers.

Remixed by superstar DJ/producer Mahalo (who has had two Billboard dance radio #1s), “Life Is What We’re Living” pulsates with a vibrant urgency as the lyrics underscore the message:


I always dreamed of what’s ahead / I should have kissed your face instead
Regrets they can’t erase the past / So live today like it’s the last

The video – directed by Alissa Torvinen, who has created award-winning videos by Phoebe Bridgers, Pink, and the Black Eyed Peas – has a sweeping, poignant flow that moves from sadness to acceptance with cinematic flair.

More short film than music video, the clip follows the emotional arc of a man attending the funeral of his mother, struggling to deal with their unresolved relationship. But when she appears to him, we journey with the pair as they dance through an emotional beginning, middle and end.


Riotron’s Jeff Fettes explains the song was inspired by a good friend who lost his mother to cancer. “He was devastated but eventually found peace and even inspiration in her continued ‘presence’ in his life.”

“He inherited this incredible sense of urgency about living. Death turned into life in a way that I found so beautiful. The video is a metaphor for his journey through the stages of grief, from denial and anger all the way to acceptance and hope.”

Lea Thompson, Tyler Posey in the new music video from electro-pop recording artist Riotron
Lea Thompson, Tyler Posey (screen capture)

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey says the concept itself was “something creatively and artistically I really wanted to check off my list.”


“My mother passed away just like my character’s mother,” Posey shares. “She was my best friend, my biggest support system, my good advice, my laughing buddy, my crying shoulder. I really resonate with my character and wanted to bring that storyline to life.”

“Reliving the funeral scene was a heavy moment for me. I haven’t portrayed that in any project. Also l’m a huge fan of Lea’s and was honored to share the set with her.”

Lea Thompson & Tyler Posey in ‘Life Is What We’re Living’ (screen capture)

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Lea Thompson says she immediately fell in love with the song: “It was so haunting and yet hopeful. And then when I saw Alissa’s work, I was so interested in being a part of this young director’s vision.”

“I have been directing lately and I thought what an exciting scary thing to be a part of – dancing in a music video,” she adds. “It was great fun to explore dance in a way that was so devoid of pressure and so profoundly full of expression.”

“Life Is What We’re Living” is available now on all digital music platforms.

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  1. The sensational performances from Lea and Tyler set to the lyrics and music of Riotron culminate into a magical event we all needed to experience. For all those we have lost, this song and video offer comfort that memories are never lost and love lives forever. That shooting star at the end – wow, all the feels 💜💜💜

    • Thank you, and I agree. I wrote the article and, for me, it was the beginning/middle/end aspect of the short film moving from grief to joy to acceptance with that shooting star that moved me to write the article. I really felt it should be seen.


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