Music Video: Languid, Lazy Days Of Summer Romance “Slow”

While February continues with frigid temperatures, alternative singer/songwriter Dylan Matracia conjures up lazy summer days of new romance by the beach with his new music video, “Slow.”


Shot in Provincetown, the video (directed by Tyler Jensen) is an homage to the uber-gay beach town’s laid back lifestyle as Matracia and his co-star, woofy Benwa Kramer, enjoy those early moments of sexual chemistry.

Kramer initiates the flirtation by tossing a bottle of poppers in Matracia’s tip jar and pretty soon the duo are enjoying kisses on the beach, sunny bike rides, outdoor showers and sexy time under a boardwalk.


Served up on a laid-back, languid guitar landscape, Matracia is in no hurry to move the listener along. The track could easily be a distant cousin to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” with it’s drowsy, hypnotic melody.

And how much more ‘Provincetown’ can you get with a song that begins, “You are searching for your jock / in my bedroom where we got lost / pay attention to my face / when we go to our secret place?”


Matracia tells WussyMag (who called the video ‘sweet and smutty’), “Slow was written as a tender look at sex between two men in the early stages of falling in love; becoming aware of those moments where you’re really starting to feel ‘stuff’ haha.”

The Brooklyn-based musician is at work on a six-track album, titled Summer Cruel, set for release in the near future.


Check out Matracia’s ode to summer love, “Slow,” below. You can follow him on Instagram here.



And you can check out his sexy co-star, Benwa Kramer, on Instagram here.






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