MUST SEE! The Ladies of ‘SNL’ Sing About Sexual Harassment in ‘Welcome to Hell’

With the countless stories of powerful men in the media like Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein dominating the airwaves with sexual harassment claims against them, it was only a matter of time before Saturday Night Live did a song about it, and this one really takes the cake.

Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie JonesCecily Strong, Melissa Villasenor and guest host Saoirse Ronan performed a song called "Welcome to Hell", which has a similar visual aesthetic to Katy Perry's video "California Girls" but with a much, MUCH different context.

Basically, it comes down to that even though this is getting a ton of attention as of late, that it's been like this for ages.  "Oh, this been the damn world," as they put it.

Here are some of the great quotables from the song:

"Oh, and this aint a girl group, we just travel in a pack for safety.' 

"My dad gave me a pink gun, so… there's a lot there."

"My trick, is that if someone's following me I put my arm up like this and go OHHHHHHHH (spinning around), cuz then he'll be like 'she's not worth the trouble'."

"Look at that guy, what is he up to in that trenchcoat."

"Nothing good happens in a van."

Watch the full video below.  Nice work, ladies! 




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