MUST WATCH: In Less Than 5 Minutes, Get Prepped on PrEP

You've probably heard of/have seen the term PrEP (short for pre-exposure prophylaxis) popping up in social media or in profiles on various sex and dating sites. However, since making headlines recently, the HIV prevention method has generated a lot of questions and confusion as to how exactly the daily pill regimen works in reducing the risk for HIV infection among those who are HIV negative.

Well, the good folks over at in collaboration with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation have produced this extremely rad video that not only breaks down how it works but also debunks a few myths surronding PrEP.

Do yourself a big favor; take 4 minutes, 42 seconds to watch this very important and informative video below. You'll be glad you did!





Tell us Instincters, did the video help you understand how PrEP works or convince you to speak to your doctor about it further?


Currently taking the HIV prevention method?

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2 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: In Less Than 5 Minutes, Get Prepped on PrEP”

  1. Sigh. Another Pharma company

    Sigh. Another Pharma company trying to make money off of our laziness and lack of will power. The only thing this will do is encourage risky behavior when ignorant people take this pill thinking they can have high risk sex now and it be okay…not realizing they can still get HEP, HPV, and other STIs. My thought is that anyone that is smart will stick to being picky about their sexual partners and using condoms, those who are not-as-smart will jump into flooding their system with a drug and "spinning the barrel".


  2. Thank you! I had taken PEP,

    Thank you! I had taken PEP, but did not know what PREP was. This video was very informative and easy to understand.


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