My Favorite ‘Is It Cake?’ Season 3 Competitor Is…

Photo Credit: @masterbakerfl on Instagram

Cut me a piece of that! 

Netflix’s hit baking competition series, Is It Cake?, returned for season 3 on March 29, 2024. The series finds a handful of hyper-realistic bakers trying to fool an esteemed panel of judges into believing their cakes are real items; a microwave, for example. The winner of the series gets notoriety and a large cash prize. 


My husband and I have been a fan of this series since the beginning because it feels as if it exists in the same universe as another popular Netflix baking competition, Nailed It! We enjoy placing bets on the cakes that look the best and commenting on the flavors the bakers infused into the design. 

Our immediate favorite since the first episode was 34-year-old Henderson Gonzalez, who was born in Venezuela but currently calls Florida home. My husband’s reason is because – slight spoiler – Henderson makes hyper-realistic tiki cakes for his challenge and my husband has a tiki theme in our living room. My reason is just… well, I think Gonzalez is cute. 


So, I wanted to know more about this incredibly talented baker who’s also easy on the eyes. 

Henderson is no stranger to competitive baking shows. He appeared in Holiday Baking Championship and won the third season of Spring Break Championship: Easter in 2023, both hosted on Food Network. 


Sometimes hailed as the “Master Baker,” Gonzalez has many other important accomplishments to his name aside from being a competitive baker. He worked as a pastry chef at magical Walt Disney World for several years and was the subject of an internationally well-received documentary titled My Sweet Story. Let me not forget to mention, Gonzalez was named Cake Maker of the Year by the ACA (American Cake Awards) last year. 

Despite all these successes, Henderson is still a devoted husband and loving father, and he offers online classes to teach baking online:

Is It Cake season 3 is currently available on Netflix, as are all previous seasons. 

**PS: Covering Mr. Gonzalez is not an indication that he’s gay. I just wanted to highlight an extremely talented baker who’s on a popular reality TV show for entertainment purposes. 

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