‘My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska’ Is An Honest Look At This ‘All Star’

From the moment Alaska hoofed into the RuPaul’s Drag Race workroom (during Season 5!) with her eponymous catchphrase “Hiiiiiiiiiiiieeee” she was quite simply, a star. Returning for All Stars 2 saw her well-deservedly snatch that crown, and since that 2016 victory her star has continued to rise. We have seen Alaska release several critically acclaimed albums, hit VH1 for the reality show series Scared Famous, and co-host the podcast Race Chaser. Now it looks like Alaska is prepared to conquer the world of publishing, as she prepares to release her life story in the new book My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska?: A Memoir (to be released November 9th, 2021 with a forward by Jackie Beat).


Expect Alaska’s memoir to be honest, funny, and above all, an “unapologetic celebration of queerness, self-expression, and authenticity. ” The book will include exclusive photographs and illustrations and will touch on every facet of this performer’s life that has conspired to create the global superstar that she has become. From her early beginnings as prom king and the San Francisco drag show that changed her life to the comic book character that inspires her to this day to her very first encounter with Lady Gaga, we get to see the people and experiences that truly shaped Alaska. For the first time, we also hear directly from Alaska about her relationship (and breakup) with fellow Drag Race crown holder Sharon Needles, as well as some behind the scenes tea on her Drag Race experience, including what it was like to be rejected during her own season, then go on to win the All Stars crown.

For Alaska, writing the book was simply a natural and eventual fit. “People have often asked me, ‘Alaska- if you were to ever write a book, what would it be about?’ The answer is simple- It would be about me, of course. In this book I plan to tell the T, the whole T, and nothing but the T— so help me Goddess. In telling my life story, from my birth until now, I hope to invite you into my world, to set the record straight, and to inspire the children of the world. Because if a poor skinny queer boy from Erie, Pennsylvania can grow up to be an extra-terrestrial starlet of stage and screen, then truly anus-thing is possible.”

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