My, Oh My: Nick Jonas Hoses Himself Down on Vacation

Credit: Nick Jonas Instagram

Nick Jonas unintentionally gave the gays what they wanted (cue Erika Jayne voice) over the weekend.

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The “Sucker” singer was photographed hosing himself down on board a boat and, well… just look.

He left little to the imagination in a pair of very short shorts and a sweet smile. Whoever was at the end of his hosing (presumably wife Priyanka Chopra) is someone that I am very jealous of right now.

Fans took note of his build looking a tad thicker, with some that were here for it and others blaming his wife for the change in his physique (he looks great regardless).

Nick also got our hearts racing last month when he dressed up for his role in the upcoming movie Midway. He plays sailor Bruno Gaido in the Roland Emmerich directed flick, which apparently comes with an outfit that makes him look like a super sexy daddy from the 1940’s.

Bottom line: Nick can do no wrong regardless of what state of dress or undress he is in. 



1 thought on “My, Oh My: Nick Jonas Hoses Himself Down on Vacation”

  1. I think Nick Jonas forgot about the gays long ago. He was obviously not thinking about gays when he took his shirt off in the same way muscle gay men don’t think of women when they take their shirt off.


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