‘My Partner’ Depicts How Two Boys from Separate Worlds Collide

‘My Partner’ is described as Hawaii’s first boys love (BL) drama, and it revolves around the lives of two very different senior boys of Lahainaluna High School.

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Jayron Munoz plays the role of Edmar who is a high-achieving Filipino student. Meanwhile, Kaipo Dudoit is portraying the character of athlete standout Pili who is a Native Hawaiian. The two of them are part of rival class friend groups, and they clash when Edmar’s group is caught by Pili and his friends overfishing a native species in a restored fresh water.


Thereafter, Edmar and Pili are assigned to be partners for a class project, which they strongly protest to. However, they eventually come to get to know each other’s cultures, paving the way to better understand each other as well.

As working-class Filipino immigrants, Edmar and his friends have to face certain demands and limitations. Pili and his group, on the other hand, struggle with the intergenerational cultural erasure and physical dispossession as Hawaiian natives.

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While working on their project, Edmar and Pili’s better understanding of each other leads to friendship and maybe something even more… ‘My Partner’ is written by Maui’s Lance Collins and directed by Native Hawaiian visual storyteller Keli’i Grace.


The character dialogue is in Tagalog, Hawaiian and English, and the cast and crew are all based in Hawaii. Not to mention, the cast are all first-time actors. ‘My Partner’ is set to be shown at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 7.

You can watch ‘My Partner’s trailer here.

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Moreover, Dudoit, who plays the character of Pili in the Hawaiian BL film, will be portraying Nani’s (Sydney Agudong) love interest David in the upcoming live-action ‘Lilo & Stitch’ film. He replaced Kahiau Machado for the role after the original actor’s racism controversy.

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